A Haunting in a Chesterfield Restaurant

By Jackie Tomlin

MMy name is Jackie and I am the founder of CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations). We were
featured in July on Richmond's, NBC Channel 12, investigating a local restaurant. CVAPI is a group of
professionals offering our services to homeowners and businesses, free of charge, for paranormal investigations.

In this case the Chesterfield Restaurant would be considered a case of confirmation. This is where several have
had paranormal experiences and are looking for validation that it is actually paranormal. Paranormal simply
stated means the unexplained.

The owner and myself chose not to disclose the name of this restaurant. The decision was based purely out of
respect of the adjoining business owners and the owner of the shopping center. When this decision was made,
neither of us could have imagined the mysteriousness that it gave to Matt Butner’s story of Channel 12. (You
may view the original footage here:


I can disclose that this restaurant is located in what is known as Chesterfield’s Historical District. There are
other businesses in the area with similar reports. We at CVAPI would classify their activity as a "normal
haunting". Meaning they are dealing with human spirits and nothing of a negative nature.

This past weekend CVAPI returned to this local Chesterfield Restaurant and opened the doors to the public on
a fundraiser extended by the restaurant, to include a breakfast buffet. All of us at CVAPI were amazed at the
people that appeared at 3:00AM for a ghost hunt. The enthusiasm was definitely more than high.

Joining us was one of our former clients, Norfolk’s Psychic Medium Examiner, Elizabeth Costanzo and her
husband Scott. In addition to Chesterfield’s local author Pamela Kinney. Pam is the author of Haunted
Richmond and Haunted Virginia. Both reported to have had wonderful experiences that morning and we were
delighted to have them present.

Our concern was if the location would be active with that many people in attendance. Although audio and video
taken this weekend, is currently under review, we were pleased with everyone’s experiences. Disembodied
spirits are believed to carry electronic magnetic fields. We measure these fields with various EMF detectors.
One of those meters, known as the KII Meter, gave great activity in the kitchen as well as the dining room.
Another in attendance reported that her digital camera started taking pictures on its own, and many witnessed

Overall, we were more than pleased and felt that the disembodied spirits of this local restaurant certainly
produced! We do plan to establish another date at this restaurant so we may show what we may have found.
Look for that information on our website at http://www.cvapi.com

Meanwhile, I would like to leave my readers with the continuing question originally asked of all of the Richmond
viewers by Channel 12… Do you believe in ghosts?

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