A psychic's insight's on relationships

By Jackie Tomlin

Over the years I have performed several thousand psychic readings. The number one category across the board for all
psychics is love and relationships. Everyone has questions regarding their love life. The questions range from being in a
relationship, to recently meeting someone, or waiting to meet someone.

No matter what the circumstances, there is some generalized “red flags” that you should be aware of. I say that because
over the years I have only seen a small percentage of these circumstances turn into actual long-term relationships. Now
granted this is a generalization, but it remains that I have only seen a small percentage materialize.

I also want to mention that my client base is split down the middle between men and women. All of these circumstances
apply to both.

1. The three-day rule. The three-day rule applies to those that have recently started dating. I receive many calls where
someone has been out on a date and has not heard from the person in several weeks. The only reading that I can refer to
that actually materialized was when one of them was hospitalized from a car accident. That later did develop into a
2. No contact for several years. I have performed a numerous amount of readings were someone starts to wonder about a
love from a long time ago. Generally, they don’t even know how to find the person or if they are even in the same state.
This is cliché but true, “Time changes people”. “The person that you once knew may not be the same person today”.
Again, a slim amount of these circumstances have materialized.
3. Long distance relationships. A few of these have materialized. ONLY if there is travel involved on both parts and a plan
for the future. For example, if one lives on the East coast and one on the West coast, and you see each other once a year,
the likelihood of something committed and long-term for the two of you is not good. The relationships that do survive these
circumstances are military deployments.
4. Married or living with someone. You are wasting your time and it’s time to move on. I hear a lot of excuses from my
clients as to why they believe this will actually materialize. I even have some that are engaged to someone that is married,
even though I am unsure of exactly how that works. The relationships that I have seen materialize in these situations have
ended on a “trust factor”, go figure.
5. Friends with benefits. This is a HUGE red flag. For every reading I have performed on these situations, someone ends
up developing feelings and wanting more. For those that have ended up in a relationship, those relationships are “rocky”
and not on solid ground.
6. Magic and witchcraft. Again this is cliché, “Be careful for what you wish for as you just might get it”. These relationships
run really hot and turn very cold, really quickly. I have seen some disastrous results in these situations.
7. It is time to see other people. Do you really need to contact a psychic about this? It is obvious that one person does not
feel the same as you.
8. Email relationships. This is NOT a committed long-term relationship. Never has been, and never will be. I have never
seen one materialize.

These are some signs to look for if you are looking at getting involved with someone. I am not implying that your particular
situation won’t work, however, you can prevent from getting involved in them.

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