What would you ask a psychic?

By Jackie Tomlin

People from all walks of life consult psychics on a daily basis. The varieties of clients that consult psychics are
very broad in range. They are anyone from celebrities, business owners, government employees and your
average Joe. What do they ask when they consult a psychic?

You would probably be surprised to learn that the most common question that is asked of psychics is regarding
love. Psychic services across the board, report that their most popular category in readings is on Love &

The questions of their love life range from soul mate questions, present and past relationships, to relationships
that are in the future. Most people realize what a powerful emotion love is, but I don’t think they realize just how
much it affects people on a daily basis. There are many people out there that do not feel complete unless they
are involved in a relationship.

Some are ending relationships while others are beginning new relationships. There are many out there that are
still searching for that certain someone. The questions regarding love seem endless, and believe it or not, make
up a good eighty percent of psychic readings.

The next popular category for psychic readings is on career and finances. Upcoming career decisions, and
should they make a move. This also applies to college students and their course of study and if they are in the
right major. Many nowadays are seeking to return to college and are inquiring about their career paths in life.

People are very mindful of their financial situations. Their concerns range from investments to job security at their
present job, to if they will find a new job. Career and finances make up around ten percent of psychic readings.

The remaining ten percent of psychic readings are pertaining to general life questions. These are legitimate
concerns from when their home will sell, to upcoming vacations, to concerns over their family and friends. Most
clients will have several questions in the different categories.

Also remember that most psychic services have guidelines in place of what a psychic is allowed to answer.
Questions that are not permitted are questions regarding health.  As well as questions pertaining to the lottery or
gambling winnings.

The one question that most people forget to ask is, "What do you need to know"? This may be much different
than what you want to know.

If you are considering a psychic reading, have a list of your questions ready. This will prevent you from regretting
to ask about something. Take notes, most psychics do not mind. Most important, just relax. Psychics are human
the same as you, they do not possess supernatural powers.

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