The paranormal show “A Haunting” first aired on the Discovery Network in December of 2005.  Season
7, is currently airing on Discovery’s Destination America.  Produced by New Dominion Pictures, CEO
Nicholas Valcour, out of Suffolk Virginia.

Erin Hull, employee of New Dominion Pictures and former researcher of “A Haunting” has taken the
time for an exclusive interview with Jackie Tomlin.

Erin, what is it like to hear everyone’s paranormal stories?
“I interviewed a gentleman named Rod, and I would have to quote him.” “ He described the whole
paranormal arena perfectly. “  He said, “At times you feel helpless, and then there are moments when
the paranormal is magnificent!”
“I hear their sadness, pain, anger, fear, and horror.”  “My heart hurts because they relive their terror
moment by moment, second by second.”  “I admire all of those interviewed for their high level of
personal strength.”  “They truly face their greatest fears that most could never comprehend.”

What are you looking for during those interviews?
“What points of their experience need to be included in that one-hour episode.”  “The details and the
impact of what they have gone through.”

Once the story is selected, and the interviews are filmed, what happens next?
“Everything that is said is transcribed for a pre-production meeting.”

So what happens during the pre-production meeting?
“It is a meeting where the details and the impact of the show are discussed.” “The plot of the story.”  
“Location, casting, and the budget.”  “Then filming begins again.”

How long does it take to fully create one episode from start to finish?
“That would be hard to say.”  “It depends on the deadline of our schedule.”

Is it safe to say that it would be months after filming before an episode actually airs?
“Always.”  “After all the filming is done it goes to post production.”  “This is where the episode comes
together.”  “Out of all of the filming, it is a collaborated effort from creative people working together as
to what is used.”  “It takes numerous people to get one episode done.”

What is your personal opinion of what draws viewers to the show?
“Intrigue.”  “Even skeptics may have had an experience that will cause them to look for proof.”

Paranormal teams report many problems with working with audio and video files.  Does New Dominion
Pictures report technical problems and if so, do you feel it is related to the paranormal?
“I have heard of some technical problems that are inexplicable.”  “But I cannot say whether or not they
are related to the paranormal.”

How would you describe your personal experience as a researcher?
“It is important to have people that can retell those experiences and bring them to television.”  “During
those interviews, every detail matters.”  “A Haunting is nothing without the interviewees strength.”

What can the viewers continue to look for in Season 7?
“Season 7 consists of 16 new episodes.”  “I personally think they are bringing the show back with more
strength.”  “It allows you to watch it, and relive those experiences.” “It is the connection to that fear of
the unknown.”

Season 7 is currently airing on Destination America on Sunday nights at 10pm.  For episodes that you
may have missed you can check the “TV Schedule” at Destination America.
Behind the scenes of Destination America's "A
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