CVAPI assists local realtor to see if house is haunted...

By Jackie Tomlin

It is very rare that CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations) will disclose where they are going or where
they have been. Last night, they met with real estate agent Kimberly Ann Calos of Prince George Realty, to
investigate one of her historic properties. Marie Colby from Missouri also attended last night's investigation and is
the Co-Founder of the National Coalition of Ghost Hunters (NCGH).

According to Kimberly, there is a percentage of the market that hopes that these older homes are haunted when
they purchase them. This house has sat abandoned for the last eight years. It is located in Petersburg, Virginia's,
Folly Castle Historic District and was built in 1810. The house is structurally sound with the original moldings and
fireplaces, offering three full stories and a basement. At one time, it was a bed and breakfast in Petersburg. It is in
need of heavy renovations, and currently has no power. It is on the market for $129,000.00. The only way to see if
it is actually haunted was to conduct an actual paranormal investigation.

The investigation was broadcast yesterday on WRVA 1140AM, as well as NBC Channel 12 and WRIC Channel
8 were there last night. CVAPI arrived at the location at 9:00PM to set up for the investigation and stayed until
2:00AM. Thanks to their sponsor, Patriot Auto Exchange out of Hopewell Virginia, in assisting with adding to their
cable system, they were able to reach the third floor with their IR camera's with ease.

Even with no power in the location, CVAPI was able to run a full-scale investigation. They chose to run four of
their nine IR cameras, DVR, and monitor, aided by a running car outside of the location. The evening was spent
running night vision, audio recordings, EMF (Electronic Magnetic Field) detectors, and digital and ambient
thermometers. It will take several days to analyze the footage.

Just because the home was built in the 1800's does not mean that it is haunted. CVAPI also spoke with a
next-door neighbor where their property adjoins this location and was actually built in 1762. They report no
paranormal activity at all.

There were several personal experiences throughout the evening by those who attended including the real estate
agent and the homeowner. CVAPI will take a scientific approach to the evidence that they have gathered before
they can actually say whether or not the location is really haunted. There will be more to come on this is the next
upcoming days.

Meanwhile, please feel free to view the footage from NBC Channel 12 at For those interested in the home, please contact Kimberly Ann
Calos directly at 804-586-1633. You will also find CVAPI at

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