Can psychic abilities frighten you?

By Jackie Tomlin

This can be interpreted in two ways in which I will discuss both. First, can a psychic frighten you? Yes they can.
Unfortunately just the name “psychic” has a bad reputation in the industry. This stems from the numerous amounts of
psychic scams in the industry today.

A psychic can scare you by instilling fear in you. There are many scam artists out there that will tell you something will
not come to pass unless you pay them for additional work. This has happened countless times to many of my clients, as
well as to other psychics that I know. It leaves you to wonder what will happen if you don’t.

The other form of fear is for those that possess psychic abilities. I have seen many people with a great amount of
psychic abilities that suppress them. They suppress them because of the fear of the unknown. This has been a common
trait of most working psychics today at some point in their life.

It can be a frightening and overwhelming feeling when you are able to see what is to come. You can feel anxious
because you feel that you have no control over the situation. But more so than anything you can feel all alone in the fact
that you are the only one able to see it. There is also a certain fear in discussing these experiences with anyone, for fear
of people deeming you as crazy.

More so than anything there can be the fear of the unexplained and why it is happening to you. The majority of psychics
can trace their psychic abilities in their bloodline. For those that cannot, it is not uncommon that they have had a near
death experience at some point in time.

Another frightening experience is for mediums that have not fully embraced their gifts. A medium has the ability to
communicate with the other side. It is a frightening experience when you do not consider yourself a medium and are
approached by someone who has passed. For whatever reason, for those that seem to suppress it, it appears to get

It is very common for psychics and mediums to have some recognition of their gifts in their early teenage years and their
early twenties. This is a trying time in your life without the added gifts.

Over the years, the word psychic has become more acceptable than what it used to be in the past. However, if you are
having these experiences it does not make it any easier to talk about.

The best thing you can do is to find a friend to confide in and begin embracing your gift! Feel free to join me with a
group of like-minded people at at Central Virginia Psychic Development and
Paranormal Research.

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