When is it a demon?

By Jackie Tomlin

It has come to my attention that we do have some local proclaimed "demon hunters". This I find to be more than
disturbing. Recently CVAPI, has had a couple of cases, that if were conducted by "demon hunters", they would have
been considered demonic when in actuality they were not. Demonic cases do actually exist, but are few and far in

Our first case, in addition to other disembodied spirits, has a child spirit. It is considered to be playful and
non-threatening. It is true, that demons can manifest as a child in order to earn your trust. However, this is an actual
child spirit. To these local "demon hunters", it was presumed to be demonic, as they do not feel that child spirits
appear that often. In actuality, children spirits appear more often than one might think. In our second case,
experienced by some of my investigators as well as the homeowner, they all heard something growl at them twice. It
is also true, that demons can manifest as animals. However, this was the actual spirit of a dog. It startled them, but
did not scare them. The neighbors later confirmed the spirit of a dog in that location. To "demon hunters" this would
be presumed to be demonic.

When confronted with these negative haunts, you generally do not have to "question" if they are demonic. There are
certain signs and reports that we look for. Demons will not entertain you by answering questions with your dowsing
rods. These "demon hunters" have approached us, that when asked if they were demonic by the use of dowsing
rods, they received a "yes" answer. Actual demons, more often than not, will definitely give you other signs. Not to
mention that the owners of the location had no negative experiences to report. In an instance like this, it can quickly
instill fear into someone by stating it is demonic.

We are also told that these "demon hunters" know how to banish and capture demons. (I am thinking a mason jar
maybe?) If you are seeking to banish a demon, I would highly recommend first consulting an actual demonologist. A
demonologist can give you guidance on demons through their study and research and point you in the direction of
actual clergy. Equally disturbing is for a fee of $65 anyone, including you, can receive certificate from the web,
stating you are a demonologist.

Not recognized by these "demon hunters", is the fear that they are creating in these homeowners. Instances that they
are reporting to the homeowners and the fact that they have banished a demon, we find more than disturbing.
According to them, "this is their specialty". In the same interview, they could provide no proof of these instances.

For those that are interested in ghost hunting, there is a certain amount of knowledge that you should carry regarding
human spirits and the supernatural. If not, you stand the risk of putting yourself, your team and the homeowner in
danger. We cannot imagine the thrill trip they must be on, by instilling fear into people.

Unfortunately, demons do exist. The Bible will tell you they were banished to Earth. However, it is rare to come
across a demonic haunting. In those instances, more often than not, someone has drawn it in to them.

If you are living in fear, than you are not living. No one can predict how each individual will react to a haunting. The
majority of our cases are confirmations by professional people that they are actually having a paranormal experience.

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