Animal Planet’s Demon Exorcist: “Family not happy with what aired…”
By Jackie Tomlin, Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner

Animal Planet aired a new show on Friday night called Demon Exorcist. This featured a case called The
Black Shadow in Chester, Virginia. This is the story of the Maitland family in Chester, Virginia. Sarah is a stay
at home mom, while Toby works as an electrician and local football coach; they have four children Hailey,
Evan, Austin and Haven ages 12, 8, 6 and 3. From Toby Maitland, "There were many discrepancies in the
show and I’m not happy with what aired."

The Maitland case was the case of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations known as CVAPI, founded by
psychic Jackie Tomlin. CVAPI contacted demonologist Dwayne Claud on this case for assistance. The trade
off appeared that Dwayne Claud would come in and clear the location in turn for the Maitland’s story to
appear on his documentary with the Discovery Channel. The Maitland family agreed to this, as they wanted
to get their story out there, so people would understand what families of negative haunts go through. From
Sarah Maitland, "The story did not come out in its entirety." At the time Dwayne Claud was contacted, the
Maitland’s had not contacted Dwayne and his team, nor had any knowledge as to who he was.

The Maitland family and CVAPI had a concern from the beginning that CVAPI and those that assisted would
not get recognition for their work in the documentary. Firecracker Films and Dwayne Claud constantly
reassured them that this would not happen. During filming, CVAPI was led to believe that it would air as them
reporting the negative haunt to Dwayne Claud, CVAPI’s findings on the investigation and turning the case
over to him at that point. The evidence from CVAPI showed an inhuman hand on video to which Dwayne
Claud said it was a pukwudgie. (A troll like figure from the woods.)

The week it was to air Firecracker Films contacted CVAPI telling them that they had been cut due to time
constraints, and thanking them for their contribution. The members of CVAPI were fine with this as long as
the family had their story told and the location was cleared, as this is what they do. However they did expect
to receive some form of recognition.

From Jackie Tomlin, "In the show, they never mentioned "the" paranormal team, or "a" paranormal team, it
was indeed portrayed as Dwayne’s case." "In addition, they did not air a third of the family’s story." "CVAPI
and the Maitland’s were all aware that the show was about Dwayne to portray who he is, for an upcoming
series." "Dwayne and Firecracker Films spent days filming with this family and knew their entire story." "The
fact that they would twist this case to further their careers is just disappointing." "Everyone had enjoyed
working with them."

CVAPI had taken several steps before reaching out to a demonologist. From Jackie Tomlin, "The family
contacted us over a year ago." "We got involved when physical attacks, and hospitalizations began."
"Medium Laura Evans referred Sarah Maitland to myself and CVAPI." "Sandy Kalaora is who we used for
clergy for the house blessing and baptizing the children after the investigation." "The family provided us with
their medical records including psychiatric evaluations." "They also provided us with photos of the physical
attacks." "The only thing that aired on the show was the video the family provided us with of their son." "A full
history pull of the location was done as well as the geological aspect of the land investigated." "There were
many steps performed prior to just seeking out a demonologist."

The story was produced as Dwayne’s case, Toby reporting that his wife had been raped while Dwayne was
there, an investigation by Dwayne’s team, following him clearing the location. This is where the discrepancies
come in.

While they were here, there was a problem during filming to which Sarah contacted Jackie. The problem was
that Dwayne Claud felt that it might be something that Sarah had picked up from Hollywood Cemetery and
bought home, they wanted to film her returning it to Hollywood Cemetery. This was indeed the phone call
they aired from Toby Maitland stating to Dwayne that he needed to speak with him. This call was not due to a
rape on Sarah as portrayed on the show. There was indeed a sexual attack on Sarah Maitland prior to CVAPI’
s investigation in which Toby Maitland was with her when it happened.

Sarah and Toby Maitland, as well as Jackie Tomlin were informed by Dwayne Claud that his investigation did
not produce anything. They were all shocked when they aired the flickering of lights as well as an orb. In
speaking with Sarah and Toby Maitland both were shocked at the picture drawn by their son, Austin, as they
had no knowledge of it nor had they ever seen it. The only footage of their 12-year-old daughter Hailey is
where you see her back. Dwayne Claud never disclosed to the Maitlands or CVAPI that he felt it was an
incubus (A demon that attacks women sexually.) as aired Friday night.

This has left the Maitland family to be bashed by the paranormal community as well as their children are
receiving text messages from their friends questioning their mother’s rape. It also leaves them with the
question of an incubus, a pukwudgie, or something from Hollywood Cemetery?

CVAPI currently plans to produce a documentary of this family’s story. From Jackie Tomlin, "This is a family
of 6 that lived a complete nightmare causing them to leave home." "They have a story to tell that is worth
hearing." "The paranormal does exist and demonic cases are very rare." "We all enjoyed working with
Dwayne Claud, his team, and the production team from Firecracker Films." "It is a shame the case was
portrayed this way on television." "After it aired, we were all glad that CVAPI’s name was not on it."
"Television in general, needs to realize that these cases have actual stories behind them that are worth
hearing without twisting their stories or adding fluff to them."

Q& A From CVAPI’s Viewing Audience

Q: Where exactly in Virginia was the scene filmed of Dwayne in his car?

A: We have no idea. We are all from the local area and cannot say where that was filmed.

Q: Why did the show skip around making the story hard to follow?

A: That would have been a decision of the production team. We were indeed asked several times by those
viewing of what case they were on.

Q: Why is the Animal Planet airing shows of a haunting and demonologists that have nothing to do with

A: We have no idea. Contracts that were signed by all of us were with Firecracker Films and the Discovery
Channel. Discovery Channel owns the Animal Planet; we imagine it would be their decision as to where to air

Q: If Dwayne’s investigation produced flickering lights and an orb, why would this require a demonologist?

A: In normal paranormal cases it would not. There again, the entire case was not portrayed on the show to
show why a demonologist was called in.

Q: Is it gone?

A: Only time will tell. Dwayne did successfully clear the location. The family has had some experiences in
which we mentioned last week. Currently they are not giving it any recognition and plan to move forward with
another house blessing. CVAPI remains involved with this family.


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