Animal Planet’s Demon Exorcist: Should those involved head to court?
Jackie Tomlin, Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner

This is in reference to The Animal’s Planet’s Demon Exorcist, and the local families case of Sarah and
Toby Maitland that aired on the show as "The Black Shadow". Jackie Tomlin, the founder of CVAPI has
mentioned on numerous occasions that the family’s story did not air in its entirety due to time
constraints of the show.

In return this has left those involved to fall under attack by bloggers across the Internet. From Jackie
Tomlin, "The Maitland family and myself are getting emails from one particular blogger and some others
on a daily basis." "This person has cussed at us, called us names, and threatened us." "These bloggers
don’t know any of us that were involved in the show, instead they are gathering what information they
can from the web and posting their opinions and twisting stories." "One has even gone as far as to drag
another para celebrities name through the mud to us, in which myself or the Mailtand family have never
had contact with." "That we deem as hearsay, due to what they are publishing about us." "I addressed
this issue the first part of the week on our CVAPI blog." "The emails and the bashing continue to pour

One of these bloggers claims to have an upcoming interview on Dateline and has appeared on MSNBC.
This is journalism at its poorest. As this person is indeed not interviewing anyone directly, but forming
opinions instead.

In addition the Maitland family’s underage children are being talked about on these blogs.

One thing is for certain; lawsuits against bloggers are definitely on the rise. Virginia has seen several of
these suits first hand.

In the case of Cornell v. Sachs, Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell obtained a court order on Leslie R.
Sachs from posting her name on his website. Sachs alleged that Cornwell plagiarized from his work, and
that Cornwell was corrupt and was under investigation by Federal authorities. $35,780 in personal
damages was awarded in the form of a judgment as Sachs fled the country to Belgium.

In another case of Garrett v. Jacquith not only did they subpoena the blogger, but went after the
information used to write the blogs articles and the identity and IP addresses of all commenters to and
viewers of the article.

For those that follow these bloggers, they are basing their facts on hearsay. I am most certain that you
will be hearing more on this in the days to come.


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