Different types of haunts...

Jackie Tomlin

HUMAN SPIRITS – These are simply people that have not crossed.  Their temperament will appear the same in the
afterlife as it did during their life.  So if they were hateful in life, chances are they are still hateful now.  (The same as being

CHILD SPIRITS – Yes, they are many in existence.  However, there are certain warning signs to look for regarding a
child spirit.  If a human spirit, they tend to be playful or that of a pranster.

DEMONS & DAMNED SOULS – These are the worst types of haunts.  Generally causing people to move from the
home.  They are out to scare you, can cause bodily harm, and tend to break or hide religious items in the home.  There
are several signs to a demonic haunt to which I will not discuss.

THE SUPERNATURAL – Unlike a human spirit the supernatural comes with “supernatural strength”.  For example
human spirits can shut doors, or move small items.  The supernatural has the strength to levitate large pieces of furniture,
etc.  (Something an individual human would be incapable of.)

POLTERGIEST – Though often frightening, it simply means a noisy ghost.  Slamming of doors and windows, stomping
on the floor, rattling chains.  (LOL joking, I haven’t heard chains rattle.)

Why are they here?

Human spirits can attach to a home or to the land.  Some choose to stay while others are scarred to cross.  This could
be for varying reasons.  They may question their faith, or worry they won’t be forgiven, or in child’s instance, just not
understand.  It is a common misconception that someone of clergy can make them cross.  Clergy can reassure them of
what is to come and all will be forgiven.  It is the choice of the entity.  Those of the Catholic faith tend to believe that if
there is something here, it is evil, when indeed they can be stuck.

Demons and damned souls… If seen they generally, do not have eyes, indicating no soul.  They can often manifest as a
child or animal in order to earn your trust, there again, your warning would be two hollow holes for eyes.

For those living in a spirited home, you can set your boundaries.  They tend to be like children, give them something they
can do, as well as something they cannot do.  For example, in my home, they are allowed to move items, but not to
show themselves.  (Also note they do NOT cooperate, as in dishes, laundry etc…YEP I have tried!!)

Also note, that Virginia Real Estate law does NOT require an agent to disclose to you if someone has died in the home.  
They have to tell you if you ask directly.

There are many, many reports of experiences from haunted locations.  This is just a briefing on different types of haunts.

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