Does smudging the paranormal work?

A common practice to assist with paranormal concerns is known as “Smudging”.  This is done with a
smudge stick.

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs tied together to form a stick.  Though they can be made
with any dried herb, the herb of choice in regards to paranormal concerns is white sage.

Smudging comes from the Native American ceremonies.  These ceremonies were used to remove
negativity and to repel evil influences.

Today there are thousands of paranormal teams located in the United States alone.  Several of these
teams have experimented with the art of smudging.  From Jackie Tomlin of Central Virginia
Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI), “Smudging is often thought of as a psychic practice when in fact it
is a tradition of the Native Americans”.  “I have not seen this practice remove spirits from locations,
but I have indeed seen it quiet things down”.  “Sometimes this will need to be repeated a few months
down the road, depending upon the activity”.

Smudge sticks can be purchased in any local herb shop, metaphysical store or online.

There are many varying procedures into how one can smudge a location.  The most common is by
lighting the smudge stick and fanning its thick white smoke in the top corner of a room.  Working
counterclockwise, you would cover the top parameter with the thick smoke, crossing windows and
entranceways.  You would repeat this procedure in each room until you have covered every room in
the location.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Smudging can be used outside as well by smudging the parameter of the
property line”.  “I do not recommend this for those that suffer from asthma or any respiratory
problems, the smoke is very thick and has a pungent smell”.

There is no set rule into how you should smudge a location.  From Jackie Tomlin, “I have seen
families do this together, as well as combine it with a house blessing”.  “I personally would recommend
doing what is in your comfort zone”.

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