What can your dreams tell you

Jackie Tomlin

Dreams can actually offer information into your unconscious mind.  Can dreams contain hidden messages?  Sure they
can.  A lot of dreams stem from what may be on your unconscious mind when you fall asleep.  This is a lot deeper
than your conscious mind or what you may have been thinking of when you first fell asleep.

Unconscious minds are aware of the aspect of our personalities and desires that our conscious mind does not wish to
acknowledge.   This can actually awaken things in ourselves that we would generally choose to ignore.

Over the years, dream theorists believe the reason we dream is to compensate for the parts in our life or personalities
that we would consider underdeveloped.  Technically a dream is nothing more than a hallucination.  However there is
a lot that one can learn about themselves from them.

Dream Interpretation is part of the service I offer as a psychic.  I believe that we have all had dreams that can be
frightening.  As well as wonderful dreams in which you hate to awake.  Dream Interpretation can give you a better
understanding of feelings, thoughts and your behavior.

Some dreams can appear as a warning for you of what is to come.  Dreams can indeed carry signs of you being

The most common question that I am asked about is dreams of loved ones who have passed.  Though they don’t
seem to happen all that often to most, it is very common.  In the psychic world, these dreams are considered actual
“visits” from that person.

It is also common for premonitions to occur during your dreams.  This is where you actually see an event that is
upcoming.  When that event passes, this can leave you with a feeling of de ja vue.

Out of body experiences can also take place while you sleep.  Otherwise known to some as “astral travel”.  This is
the feeling of leaving your physical body.

There are also dreams that have no meaning whatsoever and are in actuality nothing more than a hallucination.  This is
common when on medication or you have reached a point of complete exhaustion.

Dream Interpretation is something that I enjoy.  If you have a dream that is nagging at you, please feel free to contact
me at

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