“EVP’s in a Paranormal Investigation”

By Jackie Tomlin

EVP, meaning Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  During a paranormal investigation we run what is known as an
EVP session.  Basically, this is done by sitting together as a group and taking turns asking questions.  Most of the
time we do not hear any answers, this is where what we refer to as EVP recorders, come into play.

The EVP recorders that we prefer are digital.  Going with the same concept that digital cameras capture more than
film cameras, the digital recorders appear to pick up more than cassette recorders.

When played back on our computer software you will generally hear a voice providing the answers to your
questions.  Sometimes the voice is audible and clear, and sometimes we have to amplify the recording in order to
understand what is being said.  We do however prefer, to keep the original sound file intact.  There are times that
we will get a distinct noise instead of an audible voice.

EVP’s are hard to prove or discredit scientifically.  But even my own members who may not have been in the
room at the time of the recording, they are still described by most as … UNBELIEVABLE!

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