EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Jackie Tomlin

Electronic Voice Phenomenon are audio recordings that are captured during a paranormal investigation.  Known as
EVP’s for short, they are generally not heard during the investigation but are picked up on our audio devices.

Modern technology has enabled the paranormal field to capture voices that are generally not heard.  CVAPI has
conducted numerous investigations from local businesses to private residences with several EVP’s on file to date.  I am
including a video clip of some of their favorite audio recordings.  All of these recordings were captured locally.

EVP’s generally fall into one of three classifications:  Class A is considered audible, Class B is considered audible, but
generally has to be amplified. Class C is considered inaudible.

What we are seeking on a paranormal investigation is direct answers to the questions we are asking.  Noises and sounds
that are heard or picked up on audio are not considered an EVP.

EVP’s are generally captured on our digital recorders or analog (cassette) recorders.  They are also captured on our
handheld cameras.  You don’t need to own a fancy piece of equipment in order to capture an EVP.  Matters of fact,
most of you own a recording device right now, your cell phone.  We have captured some Class A EVP’s on
Blackberry’s before.

When reviewing your audio files, I highly recommend a good set of headphones.  Some of the voices come in very faint
while others appear louder.  (You will notice this on the video.)

By capturing one EVP on several different devices in the room, it allows us to see what device they were closer to.  For
instance the voice may be faint on one recorder, and stronger on the recorder across the room.

EVP’s should not be confused with a disembodied voice.  A disembodied voice is one that is heard in real time by those
present.  Believe it or not, it happens often.

To hear more of our audio files, or to request an investigation please visit our website at
www.cvapi.com as we are
based out of Chesterfield, Virginia.

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