Recession Escorts & Psychics

Jackie Tomlin

Roy Z is a first time author and has recently published his first book, “Recession, Escorts & Psychics”.  With such an
extraordinary title, I was very excited that he took the time to discuss his book with me.

I wanted to begin by asking him what the book is about.  From Roy Z,  “The book is a fictional account of the life of
Raj, an Indian Immigrant”. “The book explores the many highs and lows of Raj’s life and his unconventional life style”. “I
explored the theme of escorts and psychics and Raj's dependence on escorts and psychics during tough times, and of
course especially during a "Recession".

It is very true that people can develop a dependence on psychics to the point that it becomes an addiction.  I have seen
this for myself.  Couple this with an addiction to escorts and you have a fascinating read.

An addiction to anything can certainly prove to be expensive.  It never helps with the fact that there is a recession.

When I asked him what prompted him to write the book his reply was very simple.  “My frustration during
unemployment pushed me to write the book. It was a way to divert myself from the pressure of a job search during a

Synopsis of the Book:

Raj has lived an unconventional life. An Immigrant from India who is in search of the American dream falters many a
time and is hit hard during the cycles of a Recession, but he stands still and weathers it all.  Raj is drawn into the world
of Escorts & Psychics. He enjoys it all but in spite of all his success in life he is never in total control of his life.  For Raj
his life has always been a roller coaster ride ....

“Recession Escorts & Psychics” can be purchased now through your local Barnes & Noble.(
http://productsearch. ) You can also order this  title at any local
bookstore or your preferred online retailer at (ISBN 978-1-4490-6000-8)

Although Roy Z tells me that there are no other books in the works right now, I have a feeling that we will be hearing
more from this author soon.

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