Ghost Hunting 101

Monday October 24th at Grissom Library, located at 366 Deshazor Drive, Newport News, Virginia 23608.  Join
Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI) for Ghost Hunting 101 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.  This is
free and open to the public.

Ghost Hunting 101 is a two-hour presentation by Jackie Tomlin of CVAPI.  It covers everything you ever
wanted to know about being a ghost hunter, how to become a ghost hunter, forming a paranormal team, the
different types of haunts and varying paranormal experiences that people report.

The presentation will also touch base on the legalities of ghost hunting, and the equipment they use.  In
addition, tips and tricks to hunting ghost without having the expense of becoming a professional ghost hunter.  
As with most hobbies ghost hunting does have a fair amount of dangers that will be openly discussed as well.

Before the close of the two-hour presentation, there will be an open question and answers session, so bring
any questions that you may have.”

From Jackie Tomlin, “This will be our third year of the Ghost Hunting 101 presentation to varying audiences.”  
“It has always been a big hit and brings in a large crowd, no matter what time of the year.”

For those in the Richmond Tri City area, if you are interested in the paranormal, this will indeed be worth your
drive to Newport News.

From Jackie Tomlin, “A great amount of information is packed into this presentation.”  “We have been asked
on numerous occasions if we have published any of this information, and that is currently in the works.” “For
those that are in my area and plan to attend this, I recommend organizing a carpool.”  “I will get that started on
our forum that you may find on our website at”

In addition to Ghost Hunting 101, CVAPI currently has their shirts on sale at their website.  These are one
sided with their original logo with the glow in the dark ink.  You may order directly on their site or at Sideline
Café in Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center, located at 10348 Iron Bridge Road, Chester, VA 23831.  
They will only accept orders up through October 31st.  Also look for information for a public ghost hunt and
breakfast buffer on Saturday October 29th under their “Events” section at

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