Join Jackie Tomlin and members of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI), this Sunday at
3PM, in the conference room of the Econo Lodge in Chester located at 2310 Indian Hill Road, Chester VA
23834, for Ghost Hunting 101.

This presentation occurs annually every year by CVAPI, and will cover everything you need to know
about Ghost Hunting.  This presentation is free of charge, and donations are accepted.

From Jackie Tomlin, “This is a lot of fun and they tend to fill up quick.”  “We will have all of the equipment
with us.”  “We will also discuss how you can get started without any equipment.”

The presentation is extensive and generally lasts around an hour and half.  You can also expect a
questions and answers session at the end.  After conducting several investigations Jackie will share with
you what works well, what has no affect, and what trends they are starting to see.  She will also touch
base on the scientific approach as well as the metaphysical approach and the difference in the two.

From Jackie Tomlin , “I don’t think anyone will ever have all of the answers in regards to the paranormal,
and I would question anyone that says they do.”  “However, we have performed many successful
investigations, and do not mind sharing how they are performed.”

You may find some of the information from their past investigations on their website. You are also
welcome to discuss any paranormal experiences or concerns that you may have at the presentation.

Jackie Tomlin, “I am often approached in how you can join us on an investigation.”  “I recommend
that you join us at Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research.”  “To those that have a
high interest, we do try to accommodate in taking them out on a private investigation.”
Ghost Hunting 101 this Sunday October 27th
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