Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research will hold their first meeting of the year
on Saturday, January 31st at 2pm at Panera Bread located at 796 Southpark Blvd, Colonial Heights,
VA 23834.  This is open to all members and to the public.

This is the opportunity for like-minded people to meet for a general discussion of both psychic
development and the paranormal.  The calendar for 2015, is set based upon your interest and places
you would like to visit and topics you would like to discuss.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Our past meetups have included discussions of developing your psychic abilities,
tarot card workshops, dream interpretation, as well as many other varying topics.”  “On the subject of
the paranormal, we have had meetings regarding orbs in photography, people’s experiences, and
hand’s on paranormal investigations at public places.”

“I am seeking to pack the calendar full of events this year.” Predominately, all meetings are held within
the Richmond, Tri-Cities area. “   “Anyone who has an interest in psychic development or the
paranormal should join us.”

If you have a high-interest in the paranormal, then this is a meeting that you will not want to miss.  
Local paranormal team, Historic Paranormal Research, (HPR), established in early 2014, is seeking to
expand their team.   Currently, they are accepting applications for paranormal investigators on their
website.  Their application process will close on February 1st.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Historic Paranormal Research has come out of the gate strong and appear to be
in this for the long haul.”  “There will be scheduled events this year with Historic Paranormal Research
and Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations.”  “Currently, they are seeking individuals with a high
commitment level.”

If you have applied, or are considering it, please attend the meeting as members of Historic
Paranormal Research will be there to answer any questions that you may have.
Local paranormal team now seeking
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