“The Meaning of Halloween”

By Jackie Tomlin

Halloween night, is considered by some as the most magical night of the year.  The term Halloween actually came
from the “All Hollows Eve”, on the Celtic calendar over 2000 years ago.

This represented the “summers end”, and the turning point for which the dark phase of the year begins.

The Celts believed that during this time a window opens where the spirit world could come in and mingle with the
living.  It was a night when the dead returns to visit with family and loved ones.

From the Irish folklore we have the jack-o-lanterns.  The jack-o-lanterns were used as a light for the lost ghost of
Jack, a trickster, stuck between the dimensions.  It is said that because of his pranks he was denied access into
Heaven.  Having angered the devil he was also denied access to Hell, leaving him trapped between two worlds.  
Also noted that they generally made their jack-o-lanterns out of turnips, later, it was the United States that started
using pumpkins.

It was various religions from Christians, Roman Catholic and Pagans that have bought in witches, black cats, and

It was the Pagans in Europe who started the practice of “souling.”  Souling meant going from door to door to
solicit gift of food in return for prayers for the dead.

Today, in the United States, we celebrate Halloween with costumes, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses, trick or
treating, and Halloween parties.  This is a wonderful time for all, young and old.

This is also a “magical” night for paranormal activity and psychic readings.

To All Readers

Whether you have children or not, please be advised that Halloween falls on a Friday night this year.  Whether
you are at a party, trick or treating or visiting with friends, please be aware of the drunk drivers on the road!

For those of you with no plans….. volunteer at your local bar as a designated driver, you just might save a life or

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

-         After dark, children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

-         Do not cut through alleys or yards for the fear of falling, use the sidewalk if available.

-         Always walk, do not run.

-         All children and adults should carry a flashlight or chemical light stick

-         Parents, ALWAYS check their treats!

May all of you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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