Local author Pamela K. Kinney has another paranormal book on the shelves by the title of “Haunted
Richmond II”.  This is a 170-page paperback by Schiffer Publishing and a sequel to her award winning
“Haunted Richmond”.

Straight from the book, her dedication:   “To all the Richmonders who believe in ghosts and even
those who don’t.  And to everyone who enjoys reading these types of books; even if your not from
Richmond Virginia – this was written for you.”

Following the dedication you will find a long list of acknowledgements to the locals that assisted her
with this book, written with sincerity.

The book covers local area stories of actual events to include some of the author’s non-fiction
experiences.  You will also find that it is filled with photography from the locations.

From the author, you will find what compelled her to write the sequel, and the enticing adventures you
will find.

From the contents you will find Richmond Area Haunts, Haunted Henrico County, Ghosts of Hanover
County and Ashland, Paranormal Chesterfield County, Ghosts of Petersburg and the Tri-Cities,
Creatures on the loose, and not so Paranormal Legends.

Pamela has referenced several local paranormal teams.  She gives in depth accounts from the owner’
s experiences, as well as actual accounts of paranormal investigations that she has participated in
and their findings.  You will also get some great insights as to which locations offer tours and which
ones will allow you to take photos.

In Haunted Richmond II you will find anything from the ghosts of Belle Isle, Parker’s Battery, the
legend of the Psychic Horse, and the Sasquatch in Richmond.  This is a must read for paranormal

Be sure to visit Pamela’s website for local book signings of Haunted Richmond II, in September and
the upcoming months ahead.
Haunted Richmond II by Pamela K. Kinney
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