A week ago today, my Mother was diagnosed with a late stage of Breast Cancer, and remains hospitalized.  
Cancer, in any form, is life altering for the patient as well as the family and friends that surround them.

In the last week, there have been endless talks on chemotherapy, radiation, lumpsectomy, and mastectomy, in
order to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.  I was surprised to learn that the Cancer Hospital fully
supports Holistic Practices for cancer patients.

Holistic practices are recommended in addition to your treatment plan.  These practices are not deemed as
healing or as a cure, but rather as relaxation and peace of mind.  The whole process is hard mentally as well as

My Mother’s first Reiki session with me was a few weeks ago.  She described this as a deep relaxation that was
hard to put into words.  I plan to move forward with these sessions with her, in conjunction with her treatment
plan.  She will indeed, be the first client that I have had as a cancer patient

For more information on the holistic practices, please visit BreastCancer.org for information on “Dealing with
Chemotherapy Fears”.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Please be advised that my Mother’s cancer is external, to which you will find little to no
publications on.”  “She initially entered the ER in hopes of having what she thought, was an abscess lanced.”
“Though we are told to check for lumps or dimples, you need to have any change checked by a medical doctor
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