Spring is the perfect time of the year to begin new routines.  Many have approached me about meditation,
as well as steps to assist them in this process.

In order to be successful with meditation, you must first clear your mind.  This is the time when answers
should come to you instead of you seeking the answers.

There are many simple things that you can do in order to obtain clarity.  You should begin with detoxifying
your surroundings, and then yourself.  Taking care of your “To do list”, and your spring cleaning will help
you relax.

One of the first places that you should detoxify is your closet.  Take out anything that you have not worn in
the past six months and donate it to charity.  This includes clothes that are too small, too large, or make
you feel less than awesome.

Next move to your bathroom.  Pitch out anything that is past the expiration date or that you no longer use.  
Apply this same procedure in your kitchen.  Know when it is “Too much”.  How many cake pans and coffee
cups do you need?

Now that you have addressed your surroundings, it is time to start with detoxifying yourself.  Start with your
relationships.  Send a handwritten note to one you are thinking about, or tell a colleague that they’re doing
a great job.  This is the time to reach out to those that have been on your mind.

The next step will be addressing your diet.  This does not have to be for weight loss, although now is the
time to shed a few pounds before summer.  Cut out processed foods for a few days.  Stick to fresh fruits,
veggies, and whole grains and lean meat.  Cut out the sodas and try water.  You will probably be surprised
how much better you will feel.

Now it is time to address your mind and learn how to turn it off for a good nights sleep.  Turn off your
computer, cell phone, stereo and television thirty minutes before you go to bed.  This will allow for a more
relaxed sleep.

If you follow the above steps, you will find that the meditation process comes easier than one might think!  
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How to detoxify for clarity and meditation
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