Clergy and human spirits

Jackie Tomlin

Human spirits are the most common type of haunt.  They remain here today for a numerous amount of reasons, from
being attached to houses or to the land.

Human spirits appear the same in the spirit world as they did in life, except without their physical body.  They can be
pleasant or they can be bitter.

It is a misconception that clergy can make a human spirit cross.  Clergy can certainly assist in communicating with the
spirit what they can expect on the other side.  They can encourage them to have no fear and give them an understanding
of what they may not have known when they passed.

However they cannot make them cross if they choose not to.  CVAPI recently worked with clergy on the request of the
homeowner.  We were told that it is very common for some human spirits to be apprehensive in crossing over.  Some
cross at a later time, while some choose not to cross at all.

Across the board, not just in Virginia, CVAPI has found that there is a shortage of clergy that are willing to assist those
with paranormal concerns.  We have found that there are many families in need that will request clergy, or would like to
have clergy counsel them.

Though we have been fortunate enough to find clergy willing to assist those in need.  We keep a constant call for clergy
posted on our website.  We would love to have someone on call for all denominations.

CVAPI respects the religious beliefs of each family that we assist.  Some who are scared to ask for help from their own
churches for fear of what people may think.

If you are in the Richmond Tri Cites area and would like to help, please contact us at  All of our
services are free of charge, and ask that your services be free of charge as well.

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