When Things Go Bump in the Night”

By Jackie Tomlin

What is the definition of paranormal?  Simply stated it is something that cannot be explained.  My name is Jackie
and I am the Founder of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations.

The investigation requests that we receive vary in nature.  They range from things that go bump in the night, to
televisions that turn themselves on, odd shadows, noises that are unexplained, voices, items disappearing, and the
list goes on.  These are just a few of common paranormal activity reports.  Our job is to either credit or discredit
these instances.

Everyone holds the ability to “spook” yourself.  Our findings are showing that in the majority of cases this is not
the case at all.  We are able to obtain proof that the other dimension does exist right here.  It may be a case of
they didn’t choose to cross over.   

Spirits are known to attach themselves to homes, land, pieces of furniture, and yes even people.  They may even
linger to deliver a certain message.  Don’t ever give in to this is just your imagination as it happens more often than
people realize.

This does tend to pose the question of is there more of an awareness to the paranormal because of TV?  Or, are
the dimensions actually moving closer together?

Please take the time to stop by and meet my team in our open forum at www.createforum.com/centralvirgina, they
are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have on the unexplained, or things that go bump in the

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