Working as a full time psychic, I am often approached with people that think their child may be
psychic.  Although there is no real “test” to see if this is so, there are some ways that you can tell.

As adults we tend to close off any psychic abilities that we may carry for the fear of the
unknown.  Often psychic abilities can be tracked genetically by your family tree.  However, do not
become discouraged if you find nothing as psychic abilities are rarely discussed, even today.

I can offer some insights to see if your child is psychic.  Because children are very open minded
and do not fear what is deemed as “wrong” by many, they tend to be very open and expressive
in what they see and experience.  Take the time to listen.

Make a game of it.  With a regular card deck pick out a card from the four suits and see if they
can determine one or all of the cards.   You can do the same thing with numbers or by using the
colors of crayons and markers.

Start a notebook to log some of their predictions.  Can they tell you who is at the door or on the
phone?  Can they accurately predict an upcoming event? By all means, listen to their dreams, as
these are often premonitions of what is to come.

Take a healthy exploration into confirmations.  Remember to be open-minded as it is rare to
have parents that will nurture that ability.  Do not criticize what you cannot see.

If the accuracy is there, and you encourage it, this can indeed develop into a powerful useful tool.

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