Join members of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research this Saturday, March 31st
at 1:00PM at Sideline Café for “It’s all about ghost hunting.” Sideline Café is located in Chesterfield
Meadows Shopping Center at 10348 Iron Bridge Road, Chester VA 23831.

This is a free meeting and open to the public for like-minded people.  This will cover some of the techniques
used in ghost hunting and the equipment used.  From Jackie Tomlin, “You don’t have to invest a lot of
money in order to become successful at ghost hunting.” “As a matter of fact, there is a such thing as
overkill, when you have too much equipment.” “There are some general precautions that you need to know,
if this is where your interest lies.”

Please feel free to bring any photos that you would like to share, experiences, or locations that you have
visited.  Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research will be planning a public
paranormal investigation in the month of April.

The discussion will be open to scientific techniques as well as the metaphysical techniques.  Jackie Tomlin
is the founder of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (
CVAPI), and will discuss what they consider to
be paranormal, and what they can actually duplicate.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Either technique you decide to use, you absolutely have to know the capabilities of
your equipment.”  “If you do not, this can lead to a false positive.”

Other topics that will be discussed are the legalities of ghost hunting, working with other paranormal teams,
and forming a paranormal team.  Sideline Café offers a wide variety in their lunch menu, so please feel free
to enjoy lunch during the meeting.
"It's all about ghost hunting" this Saturday March 31st
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