Meet local author Pamela K. Kinney

By Jackie Tomlin

Pamela Kinney is a local author out of Chester, Virginia. We meet 4 years ago at a Halloween party at Wrexham
Hall. She was there selling her book Haunted Richmond, Virginia and I was there giving away psychic readings.
Since then we have become close friends and she is a member of Central Virginia Psychic Development and
Paranormal Research. (

Pam you started as a romance writer and published an entire series. Why did you switch to the paranormal?

Actually, I was a fiction author of horror, science fiction, fantasy, poetry and under a pseudonym, paranormal
romance. I began writing nonfiction ghost books when my editor, Dinah Roseberry posted on a forum for Mid-
Atlantic Horror Professionals looking for horror writers to do “real” ghost stories. She had just taken over that
division at Schiffer Publishing. I decided why not as I knew local ghost stories of Richmond even before we moved
here from California in ’85, I grew up reading them, from Han Holzer to others to L. B. Taylor’s here in Virginia. I
submitted a book proposal. It was accepted and the rest was history.

When did your fascination with the paranormal begin?

Since I was young. I grew up with a mother who had dreams that predicted things that came true exactly as she
said, plus I had seen spirits and had paranormal experiences all my life.

Your first book on the paranormal was Haunted Richmond, Virginia, in which I loved. Where did you find your
inspiration for this book?

Books from other authors, tales I discovered online and going to these places and talking to the people there. Even
learning the history for those with history behind the tales.

Your latest release Haunted Virginia: Legend, Myths & True Tales is completely different from Haunted Richmond
there were a lot of local tales that I have never heard of and I really enjoyed it. What did it take to put this book

Loads of research, plus looking for myths, legends, and even true stories that seem like legends, but were the real
thing. Some were well known, but others were things no one else had written about before. It was a lot of fun and I
learned a lot of strange things about Virginia I never knew before.

Recently you interviewed me for your third book that is currently underway. Can you give us a sneak glimpse of
what is to come and when will it be out?

It will be about Williams burg, Charles City County, York County, James City County and areas around there, like
Newport News and West Point (Cohoke light). I found a lot of haunted places and yes, had experiences that will
be in the new book.

I know you keep a busy schedule of conventions, book signings, and radio shows. Where can my readers find you

Shevacon 18 2010 February 26-28th at the Holiday Inn Roanoke Tanglewood 4468 Starkey Rd in Roanoke,

Galacticon 2010 at the Virginia Beach library in Virginia Beach, Virginia March 27th http://www. This is put on by Tidewater Alliance and is free to attend. Right now they have
nothing up on their website, so bookmark it and check closer to March.

EPIC-con (Eastern Paranormal Investigator’s Co-Op conference) at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia
March 12-14th

Ravencon 2010 at the Holiday Inn Kroger in Richmond, Virginia April 9-11th

You have been on several investigations with my Meetup group and me. Where have you been and what are some
of your experiences?

Ferry Plantation (I loved that place), a local bar, Wrexham Hall, and other places. I hope to do more with CVPDPI.

Where can everyone purchase your books?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, both online and in bookstores, Borders (in store and online), Books A Million online
only,, and many places online plus at your local independent bookstore (if not
at your bookstore, they can order it).

To find out more about Pam, please take the time to visit one of her many websites.

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