Mercury Retrograde Ends May 11, 2010

Jackie Tomlin

Mercury Retrograde hits us a few times a year.  One thing you can expect during these time frames is to expect the
unexpected!  This is definitely not the timeframe to begin new projects.  It is also not the timeframe to sign contracts.

It is a timeframe that tends to affect everyone emotionally.  It is common that feelings of self-doubt begin to surface.  
Problems tend to surface in relationships of all types from love to family.

Unfortunately this timeframe can also extend to ten days prior to Mercury Retrograde and ten days after it ends.  
There are many who believe that it is also a test of your faith, as things do tend to go wrong.

Though it is all in what you believe, I don’t believe that your life should come to a standstill during this timeframe.  I do
feel that it is a time to be more aware of your surroundings and the decisions that you make.

Life lessons will be learned no matter what timeframe we are in.  It is all in how you choose to handle it.  Sometimes
the odds are against you, and that is the significance in Mercury Retrograde.

To those that are into astrology Mercury is in Retrograde in Taurus while the Sun is in Aries.  A planet is described as
being in Retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards in the zodiac.

Like everything in life it will run its cycle until it is complete!  Meanwhile still your unruly thoughts, do something for
yourself and above all relax!

I work as a full time psychic and have a fair amount of clients that prefer to have their psychic reading during Mercury
Retrograde.  Ultimately as with all readings they are interested in learning what is to come.  If you are seeking a
psychic reading, please feel free to contact me at

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