“Scientific or Metaphysical in a Paranormal Investigation”

By Jackie Tomlin

Over time I have noticed the controversy in different paranormal teams regarding the scientific and the metaphysical.  I
have to ask this, why not use both methods?

My team, CVAPI (Central VA Paranormal Investigations) recognizes and uses both methods.  I see no harm in this.  I
work as a full time psychic so of course we recognize the metaphysical.  BUT, those psychic abilities are not utilized
during an investigation unless the client requests it.

Now of course I will share with my team what I “pick up” on as well as they will share the same with me.

The scientific is used in our research.  This helps us further our study of the paranormal.  As far as the metaphysical?  
Those experiences are shared with our clients as just that, experiences, they are not documented as evidence.

As you probably know the equipment of a paranormal team is pretty extreme.  From varying cameras with infrared to
various EMF Meters, recorders etc.  What is the harm if they also want to play with the pendulum and dowsing rods?  
I see no harm in it at all.  (The only thing I don’t allow is the Ouja Board, as this tends to scare people.)

For years I have listened to the metaphysical cannot play a part of the paranormal.  What I believe people fail to
recognize is that most metaphysical people use some sort of spirit in their lives everyday.   The majority of the people
on paranormal teams have recorded their own experience at some point in time.  I doubt seriously that their experience
was scientific.

Psychics have been ridiculed for years, but yet they are asked by paranormal teams to find the “hot spots”.  Even the
most popular team in America today claims that they do not believe in psychics nor do they use them for
investigations.  But in turn, their paranormal magazine offers an entire Psychic section, as they feel the two worlds go
hand in hand.

Bottom line it takes an entire team to run a full-scale investigation.  Whenever you combine a group of people together,
there will always be varying opinions and beliefs.  I consider myself as one of the lucky ones.  My team has the varying
beliefs and opinions.  These also respect one another and work well as a team.

Some of the scientific aspects have ruled out the metaphysical.  While vice versa some of the metaphysical has ruled
out the scientific.

The end result, we all have an open mind to look at both points of view.  As well as both points of view can be
presented to the client, in which they absolutely love!

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