“"Orbs or Dust?”

By Jackie Tomlin

Though the issue of orbs is considered to be controversial, there are certain things that I look for in reviewing
photos. "Stand alone", orbs are the ones that capture my attention. Or orbs that "seem out of place". Orbs have
been around since photography began. I invite all of you to take the time to review any old family photos you have
around the house. The problem seems, that when you take your film in to be developed a lot of these photos were
discarded. Today I use a 35mm camera in conjunction with my digital camera on an investigation. People have
approached me with two different instances with cameras in which I have tried both. The first, "Is it possible to
catch an orb on a digital camera without the flash"? The second, "Can you catch an orb on a film camera"? The
answer is "Yes" to both of these. Even today when I have my film developed I have them place a note on my order
that I want EVERY picture; no matter if they believe it has a flaw.

Ghost or Spirits come in many forms, sometimes they are unseen but you can capture an object moving. Sometimes
they appear as aspirations or take the form of an orb. When a spirit leaves the body, it would then best be
described as "Energy".

To capture several orbs in one shot, I consider these as being abnormal, and generally viewing them as dust
particles. Particularly if you are approaching an undisturbed area, even of a few hours. These two photos are what I
consider to be dust particles.

Another issue regarding orbs is moisture. And yes, this is also possible inside, but more probable outside. These
orbs have fine lines or rings on the inside of them. This photo shows an example of what I believe to be moisture.

This photo shows a stand-alone orb on the ceiling that was caught on film by a 35mm camera.

A digital camera took this orb without a flash during the daylight.

This orb caught my interest as it is a "Stand alone" orb, with no lines and very vivid.

I have had one instance that when we blew up the orb, you could see an actual face inside, to the point that we
could identify the person.

If you have any photos that you would like for us to review, please feel free to post them here or email them to us at
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