Overcoming the negativity of Mercury retrograde

To those that are not familiar with astrology, retrograde means a change in motion.  Normally the planets move
west-to-east at night through the stars.  Periodically the motion changes to east-to-west, known as the
retrograde motion.  Mercury goes into retrograde this month on March 12th through April 5th.

The planet Mercury is known as the planet of communication and also known to affect our thought process.  In
a nutshell, when Mercury goes into retrograde it hinders the natural flow.  Due to this, people tend to associate
this as a negative timeframe that they wait for it to pass and anticipate the worse.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Mercury retrograde is not a period of negativity, it is the time that you should slow down
and think over your choices as it does affect your thought process”.  “This is an excellent time for revisions
verses beginning anything new”.

With revisions in mind, use this timeframe to your benefit.  Some suggestions would be to take on tasks that
you have been putting off.  This is the perfect time for spring cleaning, or revising your office or home front.


Since Mercury retrograde affects communication, be careful in what you say to others.  Make this a positive
timeframe by reaching out to those in your past.  This is also the perfect time for reuniting as you can expect
the unexpected during this timeframe, but to the positive not to the negative.

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