Paranormal in Virginia

By Jackie Tomlin

Paranormal teams are on the rise today across the country, including the state of Virginia. I think we can credit
television for most of this. Each team runs by their own set of rules and protocol. The question here is what comes
first. Is it your interest for the paranormal, or a family in need?

It takes a lot of time and organization to run an actual paranormal team. I have found that there are many teams
forming nowadays that have no protocol whatsoever. There are several that carry the paranormal interest that are
spinning off groups with no knowledge other than what they have seen on television. Does this help a family in

Due to the lack of these teams structure, CVAPI receives several requests across the state where other teams
have stood a family up. Disheartening, but very true. Equally disturbing are the ones that are performing
“Psychological Evaluations” on their clients to see if they feel their claims are credible. What exactly is a credible
claim of the paranormal?

The paranormal simply stated, means the unexplained. Most of our clients do hold “trends” to their claims of the
paranormal. This falls in line with human spirits as well as negative haunts. For clients that have a claim that you are
unfamiliar with, this is where your “research” should come into play.

CVAPI has worked with teams that know how to investigate, but these teams have done nothing in regards to
their research. EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), these are our audio recordings in the paranormal field. Is it
possible to catch one on a cell phone? The answer to that is YES. Particularly in regards to the higher end phones
such as the IPhone and the Blackberry.

Recently CVAPI took on a case where another team had stood up a family. In contacting that team, we were told
that they did not find their cell phones claims to be credible. I find this perplexing that someone could be that
narrow minded when researching the unexplained and claim to want to learn more.

As it turns out, not only did the family have legitimate evidence of audio on their cell phone, but they also had
legitimate video and photos. This has also turned out to be a haunt on the negative side, with two children in the
household that were left with no help by a team that did not view their claim as credible.

The paranormal in Virginia is extensive, as we are the oldest state in the country, very rich in history. There are
several teams out there that investigate nothing but historical locations. Many teams have no interest in private

So if you are a family in need, you yourself will have to research what team you choose to assist you. Take a
closer look at their websites. Are they running psychological evaluations? Are they investigating historical sites
only? Do they run ghost tours? Or are they generally interested in assisting families in need.

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