“Paranormal Investigations With a Twist”

By Jackie Tomlin

How do you merge the world of science and the metaphysical into one?  This is considered “risky” at large.  My
name is Jackie and I am the founder of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.

We are not an occult or a covenant.  We are a group of spiritual people.  We come together as Baptists,
Catholics, Methodists, Wiccans, etc., with our own beliefs.  Bottom line, we are a group of “believers”.

Even though we carry the belief that everyone is psychic to a certain degree, with skills that can be developed.  As
psychics, we know the other dimension exists.  However, we are still skeptics in the world of paranormal activity.

I work as a full time psychic for a variety of online services as well as I perform readings at local businesses.  
Others in my group also have the ability to communicate with the other side, as well as picking out the “hot spots”
in a location.  We are still skeptical in “physical activity”.

When approached with a paranormal investigation, I am always asked the question of “Will you get rid of it”.  
Some do not wish to get rid of “it”, as they view it as friendly or their own personal protectors.  They are seeking
the scientific answers that it is not their imagination.  Others may deem this as an entity or a spirit that has not
crossed over, and yes, they do want to get rid of “it”.

So how then does a paranormal team that can scientifically prove the paranormal, and does not carry the belief in
psychics or the metaphysical, use science to have a spirit cross over?  How do they end their investigation at this
point?  These questions I do not have the answers to.

Our paranormal investigations offer a “twist” in the final report.  The scientific side of the investigation in what we
can prove, as well as the metaphysical point of view.  Offering two sides of the spectrum.

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