New Paranormal Show, Extreme Paranormal

By Jackie Tomlin

This show aired last night on A & E Network. They do have viewer discretion advisory at the beginning, but
unfortunately that will not keep children from viewing it. This is a good example of “thrill seekers” instead of
“paranormal investigators”.

In the two short episodes that aired they are promoting the use of occult practices. Candle burning rituals,
blood rituals, and fire were used for the summoning of the dead. They promote themselves as occult specialist
and proudly display the pentagram in their logo. They stated that they were trying to “recreate hell” to summon
the spirits.

The use of electricity and a saline solution could also lead to catastrophe for children trying this. Not to mention
the promotion of property destruction. The only thing they showed us paranormal was a black shadow, in
which was stationary.

For the general public seeking to request an investigation, I am sure that this will instill some uncertainty as to
what type of team will enter their home. It never ceases to amaze me from this, to our local “demon hunters”,
as to what is starting to surface. Overall, I am extremely disappointed to see a show like this on television.

Referring to a specific prisoner by their number in that penitentiary, I am certain could open them up to some
type of issues with that person’s family. Also noted, that most of the series appeared to be “scripted” instead
of reality TV.

All teams operate differently. They all have different protocols, structure, beliefs and ethics. This was a poor
example of how some teams operate. These guys were certainly over the top. A & E Network has a forum on
their site, that allows for a public forum on discussions of their shows. I am curious to see how the paranormal
fans will respond to this show.

In my opinion this show is giving the public the idea that the paranormal is directly connected with occult
sciences. It is hard enough for people to come forth with their own paranormal experiences without having this
association. A show like this seems to be a set back to legitimate teams credibility.

To those that had the opportunity to watch this show, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I
cannot believe that A & E Network actually allowed this!

© 2009-2019 Jackie Tomlin..  October 2009
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