“The Legalities of a Paranormal Team”

By Jackie Tomlin

With so many paranormal shows on television nowadays, it appears that paranormal teams are popping up all over
the country.  I myself am the founder of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations.

It is a job in itself to present your team to the public as professionals and not a group of people running around at
night with flashlights and cameras.  But the legalities of an actual team go even further.

To begin with all my team members have criminal background checks on file.  As well as General Liability Insurance
is expensive.  Not all teams take this route, but you have to remember that you are entering businesses, private
residences, plantations, and historical sites.

The application process that each team member went through to be part of us is extensive.  One of the biggest part is
our Member Agreement which contains all of our by laws that must be upheld.  In addition to upholding our Safety
Policy and keeping their medical information up to date with the team.

The legalities also include information releases from our clients as well as written permission to investigate.  For the
teams that do not carry insurance, I hope that you have a general liability release in place.

Please be leery of letting anyone into your home without the proper paperwork in place!

Bottom line, the hours are long, there is generally no pay, the paperwork is extensive, and the insurance is expensive.  
Advertising, purchasing and maintaining equipment is a major expense.  It can take hours in reviewing evidence that
we have collected from an investigation, but we love every minute of it.

Please take the time to join us in our open forum at www.cvapi.com if you catch it at the right time, you will actually
meet some of the team there!

Or take the time to stop by and meet us on MySpace at www.myspace.com/cvapi . We are generally available and
eager to answer questions or assist you with your evidence review.

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