Your pets and the paranormal

By Jackie Tomlin

Do you live in an active location? Do you pay attention to your pets? Meet Sasha Marie, (pictured) she is my nine-
year-old Siberian husky and probably one of the best pieces of paranormal equipment that I own.

Animals have a tendency to see things that we as humans cannot. They also have stronger senses than we do,
particularly regarding the sense of smell. Even science, being as advanced as it is today, still prefers to use cadaver
dogs. The reason is simple; a dog’s sense of smell is stronger than the humans or any machine that they can create.

Regarding the paranormal, animals have a tendency to "stare" at something that we cannot see. Another example is
that they will appear to follow something with their eyes. Is it possible that they can actually see an energy orb?
Through our experiments at CVAPI, we believe this theory may be true. Animals appear to see exactly what our
infrared cameras see.

You may also notice that if something tries to take form, it may scare them, causing them to run and hide for no
apparent reason. What did they see? It also makes you wonder that maybe they didn’t actually see anything,
possibly a sense that alerted them. Do they have an imaginary friend? Does something speak to them causing them
to tilt their heads?

It is proven that animals can detect barometer changes in the atmosphere. You may notice this with your pets in an
upcoming thunderstorm. They seem to notice before the storm actually hits. Barometer changes and temperature
changes on paranormal investigations are very common.

These experiences do not just apply to pets that are kept inside of your home. Pets that are kept outside as well
can very well notice these changes. This even applies to barnyard animals. Are they scared to enter the barn?
Would they rather be outside in the rain verses coming into the home or the barn?

To most people, your pets are also your family members and become your children. You pay as much attention to
them as you do the rest of your family. I don’t believe that any pet owner needs a pet psychic to know what is
going on with them. You, their owner, can read them better than anyone.

These are very common instances when people request a paranormal investigation. Sometimes you, the owner
have to be their voice!

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