Phone calls from the dead

By Jackie Tomlin

Over the years I have received many reports of “phone calls from the dead” from my clients as well as relatives.
These are actual phone calls that seem to come in from someone who has passed on. Generally appearing as
distant voices.

Most recently, my newfound friend, in which I will refer to only as “Dave” has had these experiences as well. These
calls seem to come from a brother that has passed. The caller ID shows unknown name and unknown number, and
the voice appears distant but can be recognized with personalized messages.

Dave has a high interest in the paranormal and his brother knew this at the time he passed. So is it possible this is
the reason? Although I have had numerous reports from clients that have never had a paranormal experience, and
have contacted me because they were left dumbfounded.

One of the questions that I am asked most often, is why do the calls come into only one family member? Is it
because they are more open to it? As a psychic, I believe the answer to that is “Yes”. I also believe that there is no
spirit out there that was related to you, that will intentionally scare you.

As a paranormal investigator, common reports are small appliances that will come on and off. Most common reports
are televisions, stereos, microwaves and VCR’s. Some of those reports do include a phone that will ring and no one
is there. Other reports are phones that will only ring once or twice. I, as well as other members of CVAPI, have
personally witnessed some of these events.

On two separate occasions I have seen a dead cell phone begin to charge on its own, witnessed by others. Are
phones an easy source to manipulate by the spirit world? Can our loved ones speak to us through the phone where
they can be heard? On more than one investigation, we have had voices come through our hand held radios so I
believe at this point that it is possible.

The direct phone calls are not only personalized messages, but the person receiving the call immediately
recognizes the voice. It is common that the caller id reads unknown name or private number, but I have had reports
of a phone number that used to belong to a family member long ago.

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