Richmond Virginia’s Psychic & Paranormal Examiner
Chester, Virginia September 8, 2009  Jackie Tomlin works full time as a psychic under the nickname of Ms-Swami.  
She is also a paranormal investigator, radio host and a freelance writer.  She has recently accepted a freelance
writing job at
“I am still new to the Examiner, but so far I have enjoyed writing for them as well as I enjoy the feedback that I have
received from the readers.”      If you look up the and search under Richmond, Virginia, you will find
her under “Life” and then “Religion and Spirituality”.    “At first I though it was kind of odd that they would place me
under Religion and Spirituality, but actually this is fairly common.”  “The topics that I choose to write about are split
between psychic topics and the paranormal.”    You may also contact her directly at her personal website known as  There you will find a wide variety available for psychic readings.     “At, they allow me
to personalize my page with live links.”  “I am currently in process of adding some of my favorites over there.”  
“There will also be some upcoming articles on the local Richmond area.”    Jackie has stated that she likes the
presence of on the web.  She feels that it is very informative to the local Richmond Tri Cities area.    
“It gives me an opportunity to discuss the topics of psychics and the paranormal in the local area.”  “They both
appear to be popular topics, but you don’t hear about them too often.”     If there is something in the Richmond area
upcoming that you would like to see in print, please contact Jackie and tell her of your plans.     “The articles that I
write are generally informative to the public at large.”  “I also want to include local events, particularly with Halloween
around the corner.”    Don’t forget that if you are all about ghosts, she is the founder of CVAPI, Central Virginia
Paranormal Investigations.  At, you will find a public forum with all sorts of topics of discussions related
to the paranormal. ###


“Readings By Jackie”“Offering an online Tarot workshop this fall”  
Chester, Virginia – July 30, 2009  Jackie has worked as a professional online psychic for several years now.  She
works under the nickname of “Ms-Swami”, where you may also find her website.  She is also the founder of a local
paranormal team, a freelance writer, and a radio host.  She has many things lined up for the fall.   “I have a local
meetup group called Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.”  “We have spent some time this
summer working with the Tarot, and I have found that the interest is high.”  “I also have many clients across the
country that are interested in the Tarot as well.”  “This has prompted me to offer an online workshop this fall.”   
Jackie has found that many people these days, living busy lives and busy schedules, do not always have the time to
get away for a workshop.  This is why she has decided to offer this online, as well as reaching people that she
normally cannot get to.  She also disclosed that the Tarot is not nearly as complicated as many seem to think.   “I
would like start taking open registrations in August with the workshop in mid September.”  “More than likely this will
be held on a Saturday or Sunday, and people may attend from the comfort of their own home.”  “For those that are
interested I encourage you to email me for more details.”   "I hope to be able to answer specific questions regarding
the Tarot.” “As well as show them the basics on spreads, meaning, the zodiac and much more.” “In a small group we
can accomplish a lot, in a short period of time.”   You may contact Jackie directly by entering “Ms-Swami” into your
search engine.  Also look for her “Tarot Tip of the Day” on her blog.  She also offers a free psychic reading by
email to all paying callers.


Psychic Readings By Jackie, Maintaining a Low Rate
Announcing no rate increase for the remainder of the summer.

Chester, Virginia – June 25, 2009.  Jackie has worked as a professional psychic for many years under the nickname
of “Ms-Swami”.  She is also a paranormal investigator, radio host and a freelance writer.  Many people nowadays
are seeking psychic readings by many means with the most popular means appearing to be the telephone.  She
believes a lower rate gives more incentive in calling as well as keeps her current clients happy. “Times are getting
better, but are still tight for the majority of people.” “However they are still seeking answers to their questions.”  “I
have also seen the rate increases over the past few years.”  “I believe I have come up with a rate that is feasible to
the client as well as cover my expenses for maintaining the toll free number and the website.” Jackie is keeping her
current rate of $28.00 for a 15-minute reading.  This averages out to $1.86 a minute.  She plans to maintain this
rate throughout the summer months.  In addition, she offers a free psychic reading follow up by email, to those who
have paid for a call.  You may find her by entering “Ms-Swami” into any search engine. “Working as an independent
psychic, I can keep my overhead within reason”.  “I believe that many people make the mistake of thinking a higher
rate means a better psychic”.  “If the call extends over 15-minutes, the rate of $1.86 per minute remains the same.”  
“After the paid call, I offer a free email follow up for any question that you may have forgotten to ask about.”  Jackie
also has other methods for psychic readings available.  She offers full detailed readings by email as well as chat
readings.  She is also the founder of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.  For those
who have a strong interest in the Tarot, I would recommend reading her blog.
“Email and chat readings are very popular with my International clients.”  “My Psychic Development group is
currently working on the Tarot, this has prompted me to post The Tarot Tip of the Day on my blog.” Jackie has
many upcoming plans for the Ms-Swami website that will begin to take place over the next few weeks.  She has
always strived to keep her clients happy and is sending out the message that psychic readings do not have to cost
a fortune!


Psychic Readings By Jackie Announces The Tarot Tip of The Day

Chester, Virginia – June 8, 2009 Jackie works as a professional psychic under the nickname of “Ms-Swami”.  She
has worked as an online psychic for several years now.  She is also the founder of Central Virginia Psychic
Development and Paranormal Research.  As well as the founder of her own paranormal team, known as CVAPI.
Jackie has recently added several new features to her website.  Among those features you will find several formats
in which to obtain a psychic reading.  She also offers a free psychic reading follow up to all of her paying clients.
“In working with my psychic development group, I have found a wide common interest in the Tarot.”  “I have recently
started to post the Tarot Tip of the Day, which also helps you to learn a little about that particular card.”  “If you type
Ms Swami into your search engine, it will take you to my site, at the top of my homepage is a link to my blog.” “Many
times someone will seek a reading and are so excited they forget to ask a specific question.”  “I now offer a free
psychic email reading as a follow up to each of my paying clients.”  Jackie has actually “killed two birds with one
stone”.  The “Tarot Tip of the Day” can be viewed as a small mini horoscope for the day, as well as instructional for
learning a particular card.  Jackie is currently working on an ebook about the Tarot as well. “The ebook I hope to
have ready in the next few weeks.”  “I am clairvoyant (clear seeing), in which I use the clairvoyance for the majority
of my readings.”  “The Tarot however is something that can be learned by most anyone.” “ I hope that my readers
will find my tips insightful.” Jackie continues to improve her website by listening to the ideas and suggestions of her
clients.  She loves hearing what works for everyone and continues to adapt to their needs.
Psychic Readings By Jackie Has a New Blog
“Insights With Ms Swami”  
Chester Virginia – May 26, 2009 Jackie works as a professional psychic, paranormal investigator, radio host and
freelance writer.  She has worked for years as an online psychic under the nickname of Ms-Swami.  In addition to
offering free psychic readings to her current clients, she has now established a new blog. “I have been working with
my group Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Investigations on the Tarot.”  “I had just recently started
a new blog, when they suggested that I add Tarot Tip of the Day.” If you enter Ms-swami into your search engine,
you will find the link to her blog at the top of her homepage.   You will also find a link to her paranormal team, a live
chat room, and local events.
“I am hoping that readers will join the blog and post their comments.”  “The majority of the topics that I plan to write
about come from my clients and readers.” “I hope to offer some interesting topics as well that others can learn
from.” Jackie has spent many years working as a professional psychic.  In setting up her website she has tried to
keep it simple with interests to her clients.  She is also working on an ebook on the Tarot, that will be available in the
next upcoming weeks.
“My blog will be remain based upon the people I work with and the ones that I hear from.” “ I hope that many will
even be able to establish friendships at the same time.” Jackie offers readings via phone, chat and email.  Each
month she runs a special and is constantly updating her website.  She has recently joined Twitter, to keep up with
some of her clients.