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Distant Learning:  Reiki Master Course, Handbook & Certification

Chester, VA – April 13, 2010 Jackie Tomlin works as a full time professional psychic, paranormal investigator, and as
the Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner.  Recently, she published a book.  Distant Learning Reiki Master
Course, Handbook and Certification.  I asked Jackie, if she would share more with us about her book.

“Reiki is a form of energy healing known as the Universal Life Force Energy.”  “I would highly recommend it to
anyone, and it was originally recommended to me, by my clients.”

“What I discovered is that Reiki is not readily available in a lot of areas across the country, although the interest is
there.”  “I also discovered that the price range seemed to vary greatly and they generally require that you attend
classes for certification.”

“This book is actually a distant learning course, that is hands-on.” “It consists of assignments, case studies, quiz and
final exam in order for you to receive your certification as a Reiki Master.”  “You work at your own pace, and closely
with me on it.”

Jackie states that she is very excited about this and this is one of a three book Reiki series.  The other two she
hopes to have published in May.  They will consist of Level Level II & I combined, and Level III and Masters combined.

Jackie works under the nickname of “Ms-Swami”, where you will find her site and her Reiki Course at

The course is ready and available now for purchase directly from her.  From her, you get the full Reiki Master
Course, Handbook and Certification for $195.00.  The book is getting ready to go out for distribution where it will be
marketed for $370.00.

“I didn’t waste a lot of time on the history of Reiki.”  “The book is designed to get you up and running with Reiki.”  
“There are many wonderful books out there that cover the history of Reiki.”

Check out her website and feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns.  The book will only be available
for purchase directly from her for a limited time only. now available at Psychic Readings By Jackie

March 24, 2010 -- Chester VA – March 23, 2010 Jackie works as a full time online psychic and she is based out of
Virginia. She uses the nickname “Ms-Swami”. She is also a paranormal investigator and the Richmond Psychic &
Paranormal Examiner. Recently she has made some significant changes to her website.

“I have given the site a new look, as well as there are some more changes to come.” “A lot of my clients access the
site through their phones, so I want to make sure that the site is easy to load.”

Jackie also offers a free psychic reading follow up to her paying clients. This is done by email.

“This is something that I will continue to do.” “It is common for someone to end a call and they forgot to ask
something in particular.” “This

Psychic Readings By Jackie

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gives them the opportunity to get that last question in.”

As an online psychic, most of her readings take place by phone. However, she has added a chat room for chat
readings and she still offers email readings.

“The chat readings are great for those who are at work, the spouse is home, or for those that are international.” “I
have the ability to move them to a private chat and the clients that use it love this feature.”

Her website is located at Keep an eye on her site for more upcoming changes to include distant
learning courses that will be offered soon. You will find her complete bio, the variety of readings that she offers, as
well as you may join her on many social networks.



CHESTER, VIRGINIA October 6, 2009 -  Jackie works as a full time psychic under the nickname of Ms Swami.  She is
also the founder of a local paranormal team known as CVAPI.  She is a writer for as Richmond’s
Psychic & Paranormal Examiner.  Recently, I took the time to speak with her regarding the free trip that she is
Jackie recently added email and chat reading to her venue of readings a few months ago.  There appeared to be an
increasing need for various types of readings.  Take the time to look up her website for everything that she offers.
There is also special offers for those that are in her local area.  Free trips, free psychic readings, her blog, and
much more!  Look for
There is also special offers for those that are in her local area.  Free trips, free psychic readings, her blog, and
much more!  Look for
The trips apply to my US callers, unfortunately I do not have anything setup for my International callers at this
time.”  “I would also like to add that this applies to email and chat readings as well”.
“The trips are just an added bonus.”  “I have had some take advantage of this opportunity, because it is a limited
time offer.”  “You have to book your trip before December 21st, and then you have a year to use it.”
Jackie has worked for years as an online psychic and enjoys her profession tremendously.  She appears to go the
extra mile in taking care of her clients.
“With a paid call for a psychic reading, I offer a free psychic reading follow up by email to all of my clients.”  “I have
found that most new callers always forget to ask about something, this way there is no charge, if that is the case.”
You can find more information in regards to the trips at her website by typing Ms Swami into any of the search
engines.  In addition, I noticed that she offers free psychic readings to all of her clients.
“I am really excited to have this opportunity to extend to my clients.”  “The offer has been extended to me through
The Mix Radio Network.”  “It is legitimate and a great deal with no gimmicks attached.”
Psychic Readings by Jackie announces a new YouTube Channel