Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research

By Jackie Tomlin

Join us this Saturday at 1:00PM. This is a meet and greet for new members, as we try to hold this once a
month. In addition this will be a follow up to a fundraiser that we held in August for CVAPI, as a public
paranormal investigation. We allowed the public to join us as a fundraiser to take a closer look at a local
restaurant. This Saturday, we will reveal what we have found.

Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Research is a group of like-minded people. We try to meet
on a monthly basis for a meet and greet of new members. Our meetings are based on what you want to learn
and experience. Our past meetings vary from The Tarot to a personalized tour of Richmond’s Hollywood

We are a group composed of skeptics and believers and various religions. Our topics are split down the
middle from psychic development and paranormal research. It is a place where you can freely discuss your
horoscopes, dreams, to sharing your personal paranormal experiences and ghost stories. You can find us at
www.meetup.com/paranormalcvapi our website offers a message board for topics of interest. There is also a
place to upload photos and any files that you care to share.

There are many people out there with an interest in the paranormal. Some have had actual experiences, while
others have a high interest and are curious. It is hard to find a venue that will allow Central VA Psychic
Development & Paranormal Research to attend an investigation for the hands on experience. In August we
attended Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach with amazing results as a group.

If this is where your interest lies, then mark your calendars for Friday Night October 16 at 11:30PM, as we
will take you to a historical landmark in Richmond. This will be a fundraiser for this historical landmark and a
charge of $10.00 per person. More details will follow soon!

Join us this Saturday, and meet an amazing group of people. Bring your thoughts and ideas, as we will surely
listen. We are meeting on Richmond’s Southside at:

Sideline Café

10348 IronBridge Road

Chester, VA 23831

(804) 748-4786

This venue offers a large variety for a variety of people. From smoking to non-smoking, sandwiches and
appetizers, steaks and crab legs, to alcohol and coffee.

We hope to see you there!

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