Psychic Radio:  The Mix Talk

By Jackie Tomlin

Psychic radio is becoming increasingly popular these days. The convenience of being aired on the Internet,
allows you to listen while you are still working on your computer. The one thing that I don’t think that most
people realize is this is your grand opportunity for a free psychic reading. Most psychic radio shows offer a toll
free number where you can call in for your free reading live on the air. This is just what I found at The Mix Talk.

Keith Mitchell owns The Mix Talk, and it is broadcast all over the United States, as well as Canada and other
countries. The Mix Talk is actually a spin off of his original station The Mix Rock. Due to increasing volumes of
talk shows, Keith found it necessary to establish another station designated for Psychic Radio.

Why psychic radio? The first talk shows that aired on The Mix Rock were psychic shows. The request for
shows started to pour in.

The Mix Talk’s lineup started as running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Due to increasing
show requests they are now starting to schedule for Monday evenings as well. They also offer a public forum, as
well as you are able to download past shows. The Mix Talk is currently expanding their horizons by
broadcasting on various radio stations around the country.

The Mix Talk is a great achievement for Keith. It took over six months to incorporate the numbers for live call
ins to the show. The ultimate goal was to have people call in live on the air, from around the world at a cost
affordable rate for the station. The results of his efforts were complete success.

The Mix Radio Network is actually broadcasting all over from Zanesville, Ohio. The convenience of Internet
radio, allows you to tune in at anytime. All it takes is a click of your mouse while sitting at your computer. The
Mix Talk was actually established in March of 2007.

Tune in at, take the time to register and you can receive the weekly lineup by email. Look
for me Wednesday night September 30th on The Craig Eugene Show, as we used to co-host a show together.

If talk shows are not your thing, than The Mix Radio Network have more options for you. The Mix Rock offers
hits of the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s. ( The Romantic Mix offers love songs from yesterday
and today. (

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