“What to Look for in a Psychic Reading”

By Jackie Tomlin

Many people today are seeking advice from psychics.  Although this is a subject rarely discussed at work or with
your family, the interest level appears to be high.  I work as a full-time psychic nationally and internationally.  My
clientele includes celebrities, fellow psychics, blue-colored workers, and next-door neighbors.  I would like to
share some insights into what to look for and what to expect if you are considering a psychic reading.

The Gifts

There are a number of aspects to consider when seeking a psychic reading.  First, you will want to consider what
type of reading is best for you.  Psychics have a variety of gifts.  Familiarizing yourself with these gifts can help you

A clairvoyant has the psychic ability to see images.  A tarot reader works with tarot cards.  A medium
communicates with the other side.  An intuitive works with Spirit and the ability to feel emotions.  An empath has
the ability to pick up one’s emotions or the emotions of a situation.

Some psychics are able to give you timelines connected with their reading, while others cannot.  This is an
important aspect if you want to know when a given event will come to pass.

There are many genuine psychics out there who may have all of these gifts, and others who have just one or two.  
Do not hesitate to ask psychics up front what their strengths are.  A genuine psychic has no problem admitting
where his or strengths and weaknesses lie.  Most are willing to answer questions about their gifts and experience in
a simple email.

How to Prepare

It is best to prepare a list of questions before your reading.  This will keep you from kicking yourself after the
reading when you remember all the things you meant to ask.  If you have no specific questions, that is also okay;
most psychics do not mind doing a general reading.

Most importantly, relax.  Many people receiving their first readings are uptight, tense and completely stressed.  
This is a result of your fear of the unknown, and it is perfectly normal.  Remember that psychics are human beings,
just as you are.  There is nothing to be afraid of and nothing supernatural about them.  They posses a natural gift
and are there to assist you with the answers you seek.  The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for your
psychic to read you.

The Reading

Thanks to today’s modern technology, you may now obtain a reading from the comfort of your own home.  There
are many psychic services available online by purchasing minutes up front or paying by the minute.  If you’re home
with family around, email readings are always a great alternative.  Many psychics have websites, giving you many
options.  The old days of charges being applied to your phone bill are pretty much gone.

If you decide to use an online service, be sure to investigate their screening process.  Some sites allow anyone to
sign up to provide readings, while others test their psychic abilities.

During your reading, do not hesitate to ask questions on points that you feel need clarification.  You should never
leave a reading feeling confused or unsure that your question was answered.

Be aware that most psychics will not answer questions regarding your health.  For one thing, the services we work
for may not allow it.  Another reason for this is that psychics can only tell you what they see.  A lot of times health-
related issues are not revealed; I believe that is a sign that we are not meant to know about them.

Pay attention to the amount of detail that your psychic is providing you.  It should be personal and pertain directly
to you or your situation.  Make sure you are not receiving a generalization that could apply to anyone.  You have
the right to end a reading at any time.

Always end your reading by asking:  “What do I need to know?:  Most people forget this question, but it is a lot
different from general queries and things you merely want to know.   


Unfortunately, there are a large number of psychic scams out there.  Keep these dangers in mind when seeking a
legitimate psychic.  This begins with the fee they charge.  A higher price does not necessarily mean a better
psychic, just one who makes money more quickly.

Steer clear of any psychics that try to sell services such as curse or hex removals.  Also beware of anyone who is
trying to put fear in you.  For example, “If you do not purchase these candles and crystals, things will not come to
pass for you.”  Be very leery of anyone who requests payment via Western Union; there is no recourse if you want
your money back.  PayPal is a safer bet for online transactions, as they work the same as a credit card company.

A psychic should never ask for money to continue or for anything else once your reading has begun.

You would be horrified to learn how much money some of my clients have lost through scams.  The numbers are
staggering, and the offending practices include everything from spells to buying supplies to remove negativity.  I
have one client who lost several thousand dollars to psychics outside of the country.  These psychics generally tell
you that you must send cash “right away” or something negative will happen.

Beware of psychics who send letters, good luck charms, and such in the mail.  I have seen these come from very
well known psychics.  Again they are playing on your fear.  Though the communication appears to be personally
addressed to you, it is a form letter that many people receive.

Beware also of psychics who offer to reveal winning lottery numbers.  If we knew the lottery numbers, I can
assure you that we would play them ourselves.  Here again, I believe we are shown only what we are allowed to

In the event that you are scammed by a fake psychic, please contact your local authorities and the IRS, and report
them to anyone who will listen.  Scammers give legitimate psychics a bad name.

The Addict

Psychic readings can become addictive in a very short amount of time, and there are organizations that treat
psychic addiction the same as treatment for gambling or alcohol.  I have helped a few clients get into these

From what I can tell, psychic addiction generally starts with a person calling several psychics; one after the other,
until they reach the one that tells them exactly what they want to hear.  This should never be your purpose when
obtaining a reading.  Always be willing to accept the truth in what you are being told.

Show Respect

Please remember and respect that being a psychic is a chosen profession and career.  Do not ask to “test” your
psychic to see if you connect.  If you clean houses for a living I am almost certain that you would be unwilling to
clean my house for free to see if I was satisfied.  Psychics have to cover their expenses the same as any other
business:  taxes, health insurance and so on.

As a professional psychic, I am not there to pass judgment on you or anything you wish to discuss.  Your reading
remains confidential.  Psychics generally work the same schedule as you with varying hours.  One difference
maybe that I absolutely love what I do.

Keep in mind that we are truly there to help you.  However, we are unable to sum up your life in three minutes!

In the End

A psychic reading should be an insightful and pleasurable experience.  I take great pride in the regular clients I
obtained by not telling them what they wanted to hear.  You should walk away from your reading feeling uplifted
by the fact that you have obtained answers you sought.

I am often asked how long you should wait to obtain a follow-up reading.  Some choose to wait until everything
has come to pass.  Some may want insight on a different situation.  Only you can make that decision based on
your own judgment.

Remember that not all psychics are scam artists; there are some really good ones out there!

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