Developing Your Psychic Abilities

By Jackie Tomlin

I fully believe that most of us carry some type of psychic ability.  Some often wonder about it, while others are
tuning in and trying to develop their abilities.  Bottom line is this in not a topic of conversation that you hear about
too often.

I have spoken with many that report “seeing” things in their sleep as in a premonition.  I have had a lot of reports
of those that experience “DeJaVue” often.  I have heard stories from people whom have had an “out of body”
experience. I have also heard many reports from those having near death experiences and seeing “the light at the
end of the tunnel.”

These experiences have left people wondering.  Are they gifted?  Did it really happen?  I believe those that
possess a natural gift can develop those gifts to help others.  The first step comes from acknowledgement.  The
second step comes from embracing the gift as well as acceptance. I also believe that another step is learning the
difference in the gifts.

For those that have had these experiences I encourage you to contact me and share your stories.  It actually
happens to people more often than you may realize.  I have also found this to be true for those that have
paranormal experiences.

I have found some that have traced their heritage and found that they have a psychic in their family bloodline.  I
also feel that some may not have any psychic abilities in their bloodline, but indeed have come from a near death

I myself work as a full time psychic under the nickname of Ms Swami.  I am clairvoyant, meaning that I see things
happen before they actually happen.  I also have a passion for the Tarot.

There are many tools out there that people seem to have an interest in.  Anything from divination tools such as a
pendulum and dowsing rods, to working with Tarot cards.

I don’t believe that most people realize that the Tarot can be learned by anyone.  In addition the possibility of
actually developing clairvoyant skills lies there as well.  I have found over the years, that there are many different
books on the Tarot.  Each book can give you a different meaning to each card.  I am in process of writing an e-
book as a simplified form to learning the Tarot.  In addition, I will be offering online Tarot classes this fall for those
that are interested.

I would also like to add that in working as a psychic, if you met me, you would not know that I am a psychic.  I
am very average person the same as you.  I don’t have bats as pets or live in a castle or dungeon.  I don’t dress
differently or wear big bulky jewelry as some have envisioned.

People who have had experiences, whether they are a developing psychic, or have had a paranormal experience
are very normal people.  You would be surprised at how many are college educated and working professionals.

This is the very reason I was prompted to start my Meetup group.  We are called Central VA Psychic
Development and Paranormal Research.  It is a group that meets once a month and can come together to discuss
the topics they have an interest in and wouldn’t normally discuss.  If you have a story you would like to share,
please contact me at

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