In reviewing another busy year of psychic readings, it appears that email readings are on the rise.  A lot of
this has to do with the convenience and availability nowadays to the Internet.  From public transportation, to
local businesses, most everyone is now offering free WIFI.  Added to this convenience is today’s use of the
Smartphones, allowing Internet access from almost everywhere.

What can you expect from a psychic reading by email?  There is no difference and they are the same as any
other psychic reading.  You do not have to be in front of a psychic in order to obtain an accurate reading.  A
psychic reads your energy; this is also reflected in your writing the same as you speaking directly to a

The one thing you may want to check is the turnaround time in receiving your reading by email.  If you are
seeking an answer in a matter of a few minutes, than a psychic reading by email may not be for you.  
However, if you have a little time to wait, this may be the way to go.

There are several advantages in having a psychic reading by email that many may not recognize.  One being
that you will have a printed record in exactly what you asked as well as a printed reply to your answers.

From Jackie Tomlin, “I have several clients that solely prefer email readings.”  “They can do them from almost
anywhere, including from work.”  “There is also the privacy factor, in the fact that someone may be at home
as to why they are unable to call.” “I have several clients that prefer this feature because they can access it
from their phones.”  “Statistics show that these readings are definitely on the rise.”

Psychic readings are also offered locally every Tuesday evening at Sideline Café, located at 10348 Iron
Bridge Road, Chester, VA 23831.

For more information on obtaining a psychic reading by email with Jackie, please visit her

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