Once a year CVAPI, (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations) holds a public investigation as a
fundraiser.  This year’s fundraiser will be applied to replacing some of the current equipment used for
paranormal investigations that has worn out over time.

The investigation featured this year, comes from local author Pamela Kinney’s latest book Haunted
Richmond II, “The River Road House”, located in Chesterfield County.  Pamela will attend the investigation
as well as offer a Meet & Greet, and book signing.  You may purchase a copy of her book in advance, or
buy one directly from her the night of the investigation.  This would make a great Christmas gift for all
paranormal enthusiasts.

Also attending, meet local reporter Jim Junot, of “The Junot Files”(See attached video.) who will be attending
to film the event.  CVAPI will provide beverages and snacks for the event.
Dress warm, as their main system will be setup outside under a tent.

“The River Road House”, is located in Southern Chesterfield.  It is an active small location.  Due to the size
of the location, spaces will be limited.  You can reserve your spot and save $5.00 with the purchase of
Pamela Kinney’s book at www.CVAPI.com.  The address of the location will be sent to you upon reserving
your spot. This home has been used for training members of CVAPI in the past.

The investigation is set for Saturday December 8th from 8pm to Midnight.  Depending upon the activity of
the location, some may choose to stay longer.

From Jackie Tomlin, “This is a small modern rancher built in 1991, nothing that you would look at and think it
is haunted.”  “The location has been active for several years.”  “The most recent reports are within the last
three weeks.”  “These include the ringing of a cat bell from a deceased cat, a picture falling in the hallway
(one picture has traveled up the hall before), random tapping on the kitchen table, and a phone that rings
that is not connected.”

Past training sessions with CVAPI members have produced K-II activity in the kitchen, living room and one of
the bedrooms.  There have been several photos of orbs, with one having a face in it that was recognized by
the family, an odd video capture in the living room as well as some Class A EVP’s.  (Electronic Voice

From Jackie Tomlin, “There is nothing there that will harm you.”  “Anyone having an experience at the
location has deemed it as playful.”  “Members of CVAPI can tell you the location is active, and you will
probably capture more than one voice.”

Feel free to bring any paranormal equipment that you may have, and if you have none, there will be plenty
on hand.  Remember spaces are limited, and expect a fun night!  You may visit Jackie's
website for details.
Public paranormal investigation in December
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