Psychic Readings

Jackie Tomlin

Do people really get psychic readings?  In one word, “Yes”.  My name is Jackie and I work as a full time
professional psychic.  People seek out psychic readings for that general feeling of “needing to know.”

After performing thousands of readings over the years, I would have to say that love and relationships remains
the number one category with the second category being in career and finances, and the third category being
general life questions.  The whole purpose of a psychic reading is to tell you what is to come.

A psychic reading should be a pleasurable experience and one that you enjoy.  Remember that you are in control
of your reading and may end it at anytime.  Stir away from anyone trying to instill fear in you.  Beware of the
words curse removal, hexes or aura cleansings.  These generally indicate that you are being scammed!

I am also asked the difference in a reading over the telephone verses a reading in person.  The truth is there is no
difference.  In a psychic reading it is the energy that is being read not the physical person.

If you have never had a psychic reading, do not be scared.  I am often asked many times if I will tell someone if
they are going to die.  The answer to that is, “No”.  First of all no psychic should tell you anything that is going to
scare you.  Second, when it comes to your health and death, there are some things that we do not see as we are
not meant to know.

Have a list of your questions ready and feel free to take notes.  Enjoy your reading.  But also be ready to hear
the truth.  Sometimes that is not exactly the answer that you may be seeking.  Remember the purpose is to know
what lies ahead.

Research your psychic.  How long have they been around?  What do you find in the search engines?  Is it
someone you feel that you can trust?  The more comfortable you are, the better your experience will be.

If you are interested in a psychic reading please feel free to contact me at  There are many
options available from phone readings, chat readings to email readings available.  As a bonus, all paid psychic
readings receive a free email follow up.  Just in case you need clarity or there is something you forgot to ask.

Who gets a psychic reading?  All walks of life!  My clients range from corporate officials, celebrities, housewives,
college students, to other psychics.  (Believe it or not, psychics have a hard time reading for themselves).

Confidentiality is the key.  No one knows that you contacted a psychic unless you choose to share that
information with them!

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