.Haunting at Sailor's Creek Battlefield
By Jackie Tomlin, Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner

Sailor’s Creek covers over 300 acres in four different counties. It is the battlefield 72 hours before the end
of the Civil War in Appomattox, Virginia. Numerous paranormal reports have come from those who have
visited as well as many Civil War actors. The battle took place April 6, 1965.

Lee lost more than 7,700 men and eight generals, the largest number of men to ever surrender in a single
action on this continent, including his son. Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research
spent an entire Saturday investigating the Hillsman House and the Battlefield.

The Hillsman House was used as a hospital during the battle for both the North and the South. Believed to
have been built in the 1770’s by Moses Overton. Passed on to his descendents James Moses Hillman. The
Hillsman family did reside in the home at the outbreak of the battle. This family of five stayed in the
basement and watched as their home was converted into a hospital and the battle took place literally in
their backyard. The bloodstains on the floor have been preserved and forensically tested by the State of
Virginia. Some of the bodies from this battle were buried in mass graves, when this became too much they
were buried in unmarked graves right were they died on the grounds.

Our group had two wonderful Park Interpreters Meghan and Lindsey who gave us tours of the Overton-
Hillsman House as well as their new visitor’s center. The visitor’s center will offer a new museum of artifacts
found on the grounds.

EMF’s (Electronic Magnetic Fields) could be picked up by the group in the home as well as on the grounds
with no electrical devices around. Some caught some anomalies on photography and some were able to
capture some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). It is a misconception that paranormal activity only
occurs in the evening hours. For those with any type of paranormal interest this is a good place to visit!

For more information on the park you may contact them at Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical State Park,
6541 Saylers Creek Road, Rice, VA 23966, (804) 561-7510. If you are local and have an interest in the
paranormal, please feel free to join Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research at http://www.
meetup.com/paranormalcvapi . Upcoming for the group in September, Ghost hunting 101.

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