Psychic readings and your social network status

By Jackie Tomlin

Social networks have become increasingly popular these days.  It has provided a new form of communication to keep
up with friends and reunite with those from our past.

What you may not realize is how many psychic readings are performed weekly by your social network status.  Social
networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace have taken the guesswork out of what you are doing.

Who is watching what you are doing?  Practically everyone.  As a full time psychic, I can personally tell you that I
perform a wide variety of readings based on people’s social network status.

What drives people to a psychic reading is the constant need to know.  Psychic readings can give you insight on what
is to come and what you can expect.  Social network statuses allow people to question things that they have never
thought of before.

For instance, what does your profile say about you?  To someone that is in that “getting to know” you stage, they can
become really disturbed by what they read on your profile.

Can everyone see your friends?  I have performed more than one reading on finding out that someone has actually
dated someone’s friend.  What is your relationship status?  Wow, this is a sure fire way of getting busted!  There is
nothing like meeting someone to

find them on a social network as married!

Like most things on the Internet, there are general safety concerns as to what you post on your social network.  I
myself am on these networks and am constantly amazed at what information some release.

Over the course of the last two years I have seen a significant increase, with each reading I perform there is a reference
to one of these networks.  A lot of personal information is out there that some may not even realize.

Oh yes, your pictures, yes I am asked about them.  Who are you with, where were you at and when was it taken!

Now don’t get me wrong because my clients are not stalkers.  However when involved with someone they are amazed
as what is posted for all to see.  Also sad, but true, some are learning more about their partners on the Internet than
they are in person.

When you met someone be honest with them on who and what you are.  From your relationship status, to your
common interests.  Refrain from posting anything misleading on your profile.

There are more to these networks than meets the eye.  There are many local area businesses out there on these
networks that advertise anything from events to specials they are running.

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