Spirited History with LeeAnne and Angela

By Jackie Tomlin

LeeAnne Ball and Angela Ghataora spend a great deal of their time traveling across the country to paranormal
investigations and paranormal conventions. What you may not realize is that they are both local out of the
Richmond area. Together they run
http:///www.SpiritedHistory.com .

Both of these ladies have carried a high interest in the paranormal for most of their lives. Spirited History brings
attention to historic sites with a spirited past from all over the United States. Both of them carry a strong passion
for the preservation of our historical sites.

In addition to their website they have a local Meetup group in the Richmond area at http://www.meetup.
com/Spirited-History-Society/ with a calendar full of fun things to do.  They also have their Spirited History radio
show on CBS Para-X Radio Network.

LeeAnne is a local business owner of Creative Movement Collection, a pre-school music program, as well as she
teaches Science and Art. Angela is Co-host to Spirited History’s radio show, lead investigator for Spirited
History’s Investigations, and assistant organizer for Spirited History Society.

Both of these ladies pride themselves on the fact that it is more to them than paranormal investigations. It is also
the history of the location and the folklore. Be sure to check out their websites for upcoming events and where
they are headed next!

Join me tonight at 9:00PM (http://www.para-x.com/) as I am their guest on Spirited History Radio. We will
discuss psychic abilities, readings, Examiner and what I have planned for 2010. (
http://www.ms-swami.com/) We
will also discuss the paranormal, Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach, The Byrd Theatre here in Richmond, and a
documentary with Nicole Sorgini of George Washington University and much more. (

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