12/31/2006  You were right again  
12/30/2006  Jackie thanks for always being there for me  
12/29/2006  Thanks Jackie  
12/27/2006  Jackie, thanks for your help with M. It's so good to know that I can count on you to see what's
going on with him. You are the best....you deserve more than 5 stars! Lots of love, and have a wonderful
New Year!!  
11/30/2006  Excellent reading. Very Accurate. Will call again.  
12/10/2006  Very kind and insightful....I'll keep you posted. Thanks u  
12/23/2006  Thank you. You tuned in so quickly and accurately. I really enjoyed the reading. I will call back
for an update. Have a great holiday!!  
9/24/2006  Jackie you're the best. Thanks for always being there.  
10/24/2006  Great reading as always. Thank you so much.  
12/4/2006  very nice will call back  
12/4/2006  Jackie you are awesome. Your reading was so accurate. I will definitely be calling again.  
10/25/2006  first time caller, i spoke to advisor at the end of oct, although this is late for feedback, i wanted
to say that she is good and will tell it how it is.. as for predicitons, the timeframe is premature and i wont
know till the end of dec..so ill let ya'll know then. She was accurate and tuned right into the issue. Correct on
past and present. thanks alice  
11/6/2006  Your reading was very accurate. You were able to put my mind at ease with your accuracy of
information. Thank you for giving me a full and truthful reading.   
11/29/2006  She gave me good advice, and gave me some generalized predictions...that may or may not
happen! I am cautious, so I will stay positive to see if her predictions will come true! She said that my
boyfriend is looking into getting a work Visa to come here, and he will be here in the spring to propose to
me, and will move here by August/Sep. 07'! I hope she is RIGHT, because I want everything to happen
soon! Thanks for your encouragement & support Jackie!  
11/27/2006  Great reading. Enjoy talking with her. Her predictions haven't been wrong.   
11/22/2006  Jackie deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you so much for your guidance. I always feel better
after speaking with you. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed.  
11/19/2006  ****
11/12/2006  *****
11/12/2006  *****
11/12/2006  *****
11/8/2006    *****
11/6/2006  thank you!! I appreciate your help...I felt a connection...  
11/5/2006   *****
11/5/2006    *****
10/25/2006  ty  
11/1/2006    *****
10/30/2006    *****
10/25/2006  ty  
10/27/2006  ty  
10/29/2006  Thanks Jackie for taking my call. I'm a little nerveous about the legal document thing, but I
guess it will all work out. Rose  
10/29/2006  thanks  
10/29/2006  My first reading, very nice and fast. I will keep you posted. Many thanks  
10/27/2006    *****
10/25/2006    *****
10/25/2006  Seemed good... answered quickly, did not waste time with opinions. Thanks  
10/24/2006    *****
10/21/2006    *****
9/27/2006  Thank you Jackie!! Thanks for your reassurance!!  
10/17/2006    *****
10/16/2006    *****
9/30/2006  Thank you Jackie for all your insight!!! Your prediction was right once again!!! Take care and
Thank you!!!  
10/15/2006    *****
10/15/2006  If you need answers you need to give Jackie a call. She is so awesome with her readings and
has never been wrong with her predications with me in the past.  
10/13/2006    *****
10/11/2006  TY  
10/8/2006    *****
10/7/2006    *****
10/6/2006    *****
10/5/2006    ******
10/4/2006    ******
10/4/2006  Lovely friendly person wud definitely call again Thank You  
10/3/2006  jackie is very nice and very good give her a call  
10/3/2006    *****
10/3/2006  ty  
10/2/2006    ******
10/1/2006    ******
10/1/2006  Very helpful & straight to the point. Very friendly & encouraging. A very warm & pleassnt person
to talk to.  
9/30/2006    *****
9/30/2006    *****
9/29/2006  Right on time  
9/27/2006    ******
9/27/2006    ******
9/26/2006    ******
9/26/2006  Thanks Jackie...your friendly nature and insight helped put my mind at ease. It made dealing with
the situation much clearer.  
9/22/2006  Very good and to the point, vey kind and caring as well and got most things spot on.  
9/22/2006    *****
9/22/2006    *****
9/22/2006  Thank you always on target....  
9/21/2006    ******
8/22/2006  kiss   
9/16/2006    ******
9/15/2006    ******
9/15/2006  Jackie you are my shining star. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you so much for
putting my mind at ease.  
9/11/2006  Thanks! We'll see when the raise come through
9/14/2006    ******
9/13/2006  She is really good. She went right to the point and explained everything going on with just our
names. I really think her predictions are correct. I will let her know in about a month. I enjoyed talking with
her, she was very friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone contacting her for a truthful
9/13/2006  thanks  
9/12/2006    *****
9/11/2006    *****
9/11/2006  Thank you or your insight....it was very helpful. I will let you know how things progress...  
9/11/2006    ******
9/9/2006  thanks  
9/9/2006    *****
9/6/2006  sorry for not leaving a feedback sooner very good call her she good   
8/5/2006  Thank you  
8/9/2006  Thanks for always taking me calls when I keep asking the same thing. I will have patience. You are
8/16/2006  Thank you for keeping me sane  
9/3/2006  Jackie is AWESOME - call her, you won't be disappointed  
9/7/2006  What a day - Thank you for everything.  
9/6/2006    *****
9/3/2006    ******
9/3/2006  thanks  
9/3/2006  Thanks alot. In line with the timeframe others have given me....sounds good....hope it will be
GOOD finally! Will call again if prediction actually comes about. Seems like a possibility. He's already trying
to creep back as a friend so could be, lol. Good read. =)  
9/1/2006  ms swami was spot on with my readin because she said everythin i expected to hear   
9/1/2006    ******
8/31/2006   Went right in and focused on the issue at hand without any assitance. Very helpful and
genuine! Can't wait to see what happens in the next 2 weeks.  
8/31/2006  ty  
8/28/2006  ty  
8/29/2006    *****
8/28/2006    *****
8/28/2006    *****
8/28/2006  Jackie - You're the best. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  
8/24/2006 Thanks for listening and your guidance. Time will tell. My vacation is coming soon, I'll take this
time for relax and have fun.  
8/23/2006  Thanks for your encouragement. Now I must wait to see the outcome, before I follow up. I
defintely await a challenge to having my career move in an upward motion and a chance to make the money
that I need and deserve.  
8/22/2006  I'm still hopeful that things will turn around and I will get my raise before October this year. I'll
have to wait 5 weeks to see the outcome.  
8/27/2006   *****
8/27/2006  thanks  
8/24/2006  thank you once again....  
8/25/2006  Thanks  
8/24/2006  Thanks  
8/23/2006    *****
8/23/2006  ty  
8/23/2006  Helpful once again, always friendly and professional.   
8/16/2006  Jackie , u know u are my dearest advisor. thanks so much for caring. hope to chat with u soon.   
8/22/2006  Jackie has become such a special friend. Anytime I have questions to be answered she knows
everything and has never been wrong with anything that she has told me. Thanks for always being there.
lots of love  
8/21/2006  Friendly, Professional. Gave good insight. Thanks.  
8/18/2006  Thank You Jackie!!! Your the best!!  
8/20/2006  Thank you  
8/20/2006  thank you for the reading.  
8/16/2006  I asked about what would happen if I call 'C' on his birthday,. you said it would go to his
voicemail, that's exactly what happened, Now will wait and see when he responds! Thanks for the other
reading also.  
8/18/2006  Straight to the point good reading. Thank you  
8/16/2006    *****
8/16/2006  Thanks  
8/14/2006  Jackie has become a strong fixture in my life she is always there just like a friend and she has
become a friend with "great" advice...picks-up on a lot going on in my situation...i cant thank her enough
and i know some day soon things will turn around...ty Jackie hugs to you...carol  
8/10/2006  Jackie is a wonderful reader and very compassionate and is always there to help...she is
"great"...ty jackie talk with you soon...carol  
8/16/2006  Thanks for the reading. I'm excited to talk to my Manager (Aug. 24) and see the job description
change or possbile move into a higher level position within the organization. Also, to see what type of
incentive (raise-this Sept)that will come along with this meeting. I will follow up with the news!! You have
given me insight and strength.  
8/15/2006  Thanks  
8/11/2006  Jackie is just wonderful!!! Thanks so much for all your help!! I'll keep in touch!! Take care and
Thank you!!!  
8/14/2006  Jackie is always there with support...things are very hard right now but she is always very
positive and direct and to the point...ty so much will talk with you soon...carol  
8/11/2006    *****
8/10/2006  Thanks for you wisdom, insight and true approach to this sensitive situation for me. All good will
come. I'll know more in six weeks or less.
8/9/2006  Wonderful reading as always!!  
8/9/2006  Jackie is the bomb!!! Thanks for calming my nerves down.  
8/9/2006  great as always , let u know what happens. she is a must call , Jackie is honest and tells things
like they are.  
8/7/2006  You really pick up a lot from my surrounding. It is amazing and will keep you updated. I know what
I need to do. Thank you..  
8/6/2006  She is very good in reading - told me like it was and was to expect down the road. WIll definitely
call again for update and would recommend others calling her. Thanks  
8/5/2006  Thank you!  
8/4/2006  Thanks Jackie, fun reading!!  
8/5/2006  Excellent reading and very quick! Just a few minutes and I had all the answers I needed!
7/29/2006  *****
You deserve all the stars in the sky. Jackie is really awesome. It's amazing how much better I feel every time
I hang up the phone with her. I have so much trust and faith in you. Thanks a million.  
7/29/2006   You deserve all the stars in the sky. Jackie is really awesome. It's amazing how much better I
feel every time I hang up the phone with her. I have so much trust and faith in you. Thanks a million.  
7/28/2006     *****
7/27/2006   Jackie, thank you for all your reassurance!!! Always an Outstanding Advisor, she really helps
and tunes in. Thanks and Take care!!   
7/27/2006   Once again I thank you!  

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